Best Color for a Car or Truck

Not many people ask what is the best color for a car or truck. Most people will just go with the color that is most popular. However, choosing a color will depend on whether the popular color compliments the vehicle. People have different aesthetics, so the question “what's the best color for my car or truck and be answered differently.

The red-hot color for cars and trucks is a myth pitched by salesmen when advertising a car. Fewer red cars are sold than any other color. It's a myth because red isn't faster, sleeker, for better than any other color vehicle sold. The color white is actually considered more sleeker and the color black gives the best visibility. Red is only a sales pitch, not not a very successful one either. 

So what is considered to be that red-hot color for cars or trucks? It's actually brown. 

Silver had a moment of fame, but it doesn’t show off a car's styling as well as other colors. White used to be a good seller, mostly because of Steve Jobs influence in the apple market. However, brown is now taking lead in the most popular car color and no one knows exactly why. 

Some people think it's because it matches the color of the earth and it makes it contrast nicely against the blue sky. People tend to get a good feeling around a brown car as well. It’s the perfect color for travel and adventure. 

Other people think it’s the more popular color because it combines all of the colors in the rainbow. It has an every color hidden in the chocolate color, and the fact that it looks like chocolate can be another reason why people find this color attractive as well. 

Brown didn’t make a comeback overnight. There was a time when it was the least desirable color because it reminded people of the 70’s. In addition, the AAA announced that brown vehicles were two times more likely to get into a car accident than a white one in 2004. 

However, Global Color Manager, Jane Harrington says that brown is the best car color because it evokes feelings of comfort and stability. In addition, it goes well with the interior and silver trims. A cup of coffee, a bar or chocolate and a piece of wood for fire all evoke these similar feelings and car companies have made note of it. 

Ford has a Kodiak Brown and Toyota has different hues of Golden Bronze. So it looks like brown would be the answer to “what’s the best color for my car or truck?” However, there is some irony. The sienna doesn’t offer a brown color even though it is named after a shade of brown. 

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