Whats the best color for a car or truck

The question "what's the best color for a car or truck?" doesn't come up too often; the color just is what it is for most people, and they go along with whatever color is the popular one.   Of course, that supposes that whatever color is the popular one also looks good, complements the vehicle and helps its features stand out.  If someone has an aesthetic sense, the idea of "what's the best color for a car or truck" in this instance might be a vital question.  

The new red-hot color for cars and trucks, incidentally, isn't red.  That's something of a myth, something of a sales pitch and something of a legend, all combined into one.  It's a myth because fewer red cars are sold than any other model, even among young customers (and not at all the older one gets), and it's a legend because red isn't any faster, sleeker or more aerodynamically sound than any other color (white is actually the sleekest, while black gives the best visibility).  The only thing it really is, is a sales pitch, and a not altogether successful one.  

So what is the new red-hot color for cars and trucks?  Believe it or not, it's brown. 

Silver had quite a vogue for a while, and it still has its adherents (it does show off a car's styling nicely).  White was a big seller, mostly because of Steve Jobs; influence in the Apple market (which made white a high maintenance, expensively technological color).  However, brown is now leading the pack in terms of the most popular car color.   And no one seems to know exactly why.

t could be, say some experts, that it's because brown is the color of the earth, so that the car, which hugs the ground as its travels, contrasts nicely against the cerulean blue sky.   One gets a feeling of environmental solidity with a brown car, with clear and clean skies and firm earth becoming a perfect medium for travel and adventure. 

Others insist that brown has returned as the most popular car color because it combines all the shades in the visible rainbow spectrum- it has literally something for everyone hidden in its chocolate hue, and the fact that it reminds the viewer of chocolate probably doesn't hurt either. 

Brown didn't return as a popular color overnight, of course- there was a time when it was the least popular hue in the pack, since it reminded people of the dirty discontent of the 70s, it camouflaged the car with the scenery and swallowed it up in the forests of travel, and even AAA announced in one safety dispatch in 2004 that a brown car was twice as likely to get in an accident as a white one.

But brown's experienced a true uptick; PPGs Global Color Manager, Jane Harrington (and how one envies her that title), has theorized that brown is the best car and truck color because it imparts comfort, solidity and stability, not to mention rich tones that go well with leather seats and silvery trims.   A great piece of wood for the fire, a great bar of chocolate, a great cup of Starbucks, all share this comforting and comfortable hue, and numerous high-end car manufacturers, including Mercedes, Porsche, Rolls-Royce and BMW have earthly shades on their newest automotive offerings.

Ford has Kodiak Brown and Toyota gives a Golden Bronze hue to several offerings, so it looks like brown will be the answer to the question, "what's the best color for a car or truck" for quite some time to come.  Although there is one irony: the Sienna, the only car named for a brown color, cannot be purchased in brown.