Auto Painting Shops Bring Color to the Roadways

Auto painting could be the most affordable way to make your car look like new.  Just think with a new coat of paint youll be cruising down the street in a shiny black car or maybe metallic gray or bright yellow.

While choosing auto paint colors, people should consider what auto paint shop they will take their car to get the paint job.  Will your business be the one that people go to for their auto painting?  One way to ensure that they will is to be the most upfront about the costs that are involved in the painting.  Most will know to get several estimates before getting any work done, but usually they dont really understand what is involved in the price quote that is given to them.  If you take some time to explain it to them, they may appreciate the work that you do a bit more.

You could consider putting a place on your website that explains what goes into an auto painting estimate.  Putting a list or bulleted points, like the one below, can be a quick way for people to have an idea of the process and then, when they actually get an auto painting estimate, they can ask you about any questions that they still have after looking at your list.

An estimate involves

  • Evaluating the amount of rust and chipping paint on car
  • Any rust repair or prep work needed before car is painted
  • What type of paint is chosen
  • How many coats of paint will you need/want
  • How long the car will be at the shop

One thing that needs to be shared is that if something comes up that isnt expected, it can alter the actual cost of the work being done.  In this case, calling the owner right away can make the news a bit easier to take and the honest communication goes a long way to building a good reputation.

Also, if you put photos or even a short video clip showing you or your staff in action, the visuals can help illustrate the process so that the customer will be suitably impressed when they come to the shop for their cars paint job.  Perhaps putting a way to leave a question or to chat live can be a nice touch, as well.

An auto paint shop that can do work in a short time might be the first choice because being without a car is a great inconvenience.  Having the car painted in a short time is good on one hand, but on the other, is the job well done?  Will the paint last like the customer expects it to last? The time involved in the job is something that can be explained, but if you dont offer enough information about the job, then the client will fill in their own reasons for the time that you have the car and perhaps will decide that you are adding time onto the estimate to pad the price. 

Auto painting is a multi-step process and involves much more than just choosing the auto paint colors that are available or are the best suited for the car.  People love good service, but they might be a bit skeptical about getting it, so the more you educate them on what work you do and why it is a good investment, the more customers you may have.  Word of mouth is a great way to advertise and if you have a happy customer with a beautifully painted car cruising around town, no billboard could be any better.

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