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2613 South Street

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Since 2011

Looking for Bookkeeping Services in Lafayette IN? Hyde Park Bookkeeping LLC Joseph A. Zych, President. I have an accounting degree from Purdue in West Lafayette. I have previously worked for 23 years in the accounting departments of small businesses. I started Hyde Park Bookkeeping in 2011 to help the small and new businesses avoid the drudgery of doing their own books. My specialty is taking a box of paperwork and turning it into an organized system which allows the business owners to know that they are being freed up to sell, run and grow their business. I am proactive, helping them to take all of the tax breaks allowed, prepare for the filing of their taxes and analyze aspects of their business to allow them to add to their strengths and shore up their weaknesses.

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I try to work from 8 to 5 during the weeekamp44 but am available evenings or weekends

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2613 South Street
Lafayette IN USA, 47904
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Joseph Zych
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I can set up new clients in Quick Books at no chargeltbrgt

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