Mobile Auto Repair Questions and Troubleshooting

There is only one thing people hate more than a trip to the dentist: a visit to the mechanic. Who knows what your Mobile Auto Repair is doing when he (or she) is poking around under your car’s hood? A little bit of knowledge goes a long way, and without it, your Mobile Auto Repair could swindle you with “blinker fluid” or a coolant flush for your air-cooled Volkswagen Beetle. This is why it is so important to ask your Mobile Auto Repair person the right questions. Knowledge gives you peace of mind and builds a bond between you and your friendly neighborhood wrench. Which questions should be in your arsenal? We are so glad you asked! Here are common mobile auto repair questions and troubleshooting:

How much will the diagnosis cost?

Modern cars are basically computers on wheels with a few oily bits thrown in for good measure. Since they are so complex, diagnostics can take a substantial amount of time. Mobile Auto Repair mechanics expect to get paid for this time, which is reasonable. Just be certain to ask the cost of tracking down that short in your Mercedes with 55 pounds of wiring.

Can I get a written estimate?

You do not want to just hand over the keys to your car along with access to your wallet. Get a written estimation of the cost upfront of what these repair are going to cost, and make sure both parts as well as the labor are itemized. You have the right to know exactly what is required to fix your car.

When will the repairs be done?

Some Mobile Auto Repair mechanics can fall victim to procrastination. This is exactly why it is a good idea to ask for an estimated delivery time before dropping off your car at the Mobile Auto Repair shop. Having a set date and time will keep your mechanic on track, so you do not have to choose between a bus pass and sneakers for transportation.

Can you show me the problem?

You will never let a doctor operate on you without looking at the x-rays first. So you should not let a mechanic work on your car without showing you what the problem is first. Demonstrating the failure helps to build trust and furthermore also helps you better understand your car.

Which repairs require immediate attention and which are just recommendations?

If you lose your tie rod, you lose your steering. A tie rod which is barely hanging on requires immediate attention. On the other hand, a dirty cabin sieve is something you can put off (if you do not mind breathing in dust particles and mites for a little while). Ask the Mobile Auto Repair mechanic which repairs are important and which are merely optional.

What other repairs are in my near future?

Sometimes Mobile Auto Repair shops sell repairs on vehicles that really should not be repaired. To address a client concern, they turn a blind eye to the fact that the car is held together by rust and good luck. Before you settle on a big repair, ask the Mobile Auto Repair mechanic what else your car will need in the near future. If you get a list the size of a calculus textbook, you may also consider looking for a new car instead of investing in repairing the old one.

These are some of the most essential question one should ask when visiting a Mobile Auto Repair shop. Not only will these question clear out your confusions, they will also help minimize the costs in the future which might be incurred due to incorrect repair work.