How To Take Credit Cards Online - Who To Call

Learning how to take credit cards online who to call on to get going can greatly increase the revenue of your business.  You will have the ability to not only accept credit cards online, but having a merchant account also opens the door to accepting electronic checks and debit cards.  You will be able to handle transactions made from any location at any time, not necessarily only during business hours at your location.  This opens the door to having your product marketed around the world.  Another bonus of online credit card processing is a high level of security measures, and fraud protection.  This will ensure not only that your customers have the confidence to purchase from you, but also that you will not lose profits if your financial information is leaked.

Online credit card processing is a simple process; understanding how it works would be the first step to learning how to take credit cards online- who to call.  First, a credit card processing company allows for a secure transfer of funds from the customers account to the merchant account.  These payments are processed through a payment gateway; this payment gateway verifies all the funds.  The payment gateway is the same concept as your point of sale device, transferring the money from the credit or debit card account to the merchants account.

After you have decided to accept credit cards online, you will need to determine the best online credit card processing company for your needs. Some of the things you will need to take into account are.  First, cost per month, and start up cost.  The cost per month fees could include transaction fees, as well as charge back fees, and gateway fees.  Start up cost should be reasonable, so make sure to look at numerous companies to get a feel for the trend in your market.  Second, look at the customer service that will be provided for your merchant account.  You will need to make sure the company has someone available to process transactions by phone or answer technical questions 24 hours a day.  One of the best way's to test customer service is to call the company at different times of day to see how quickly your questions are answered.  Be very careful when signing a contract with a company, many of them ask for a 3 year contract with very expensive fees for terminating the contract early.  On that same note, watch for introductory rates within your contract; make sure you are signing for the same rate for the full term.

You need to be aware of additional fees when you accept credit cards online.  Some of these fees include batch fees, address verification services, chargeback's, monthly minimums, and reporting fees.  Batch fees are what the credit card processing company charges to process your transactions each day.  When you need to verify customers addresses are correctly linked to their charge card you may encounter address verification fees. Chargeback fees are imposed when a customer disputes a charge.  You may incur a monthly minimum charge if you do not meet you monthly transactions, and reporting fees would be seen if you ask to have a copy of the details of your charges.

Doing your research into how to accept credit cards online who to call upon for this service can save your companies many fees.  In using a reputable company, you will keep your customers information secure, creating trust and repeat customers.

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