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529 North Great Neck Road Great Neck Professional Center

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Green Leaf & Pebble is open and operating as the first and only "Tea Spa" in the Tidewater Area and one of the first in the nation. We are a woman owned and locally operated business in the North Great Neck area of Virginia Beach, Virginia. We offer a new, unique and eco-visionary experience for our clientele; serving the region as the pioneering and trendsetting new example of health, wellness awareness and environmental sustainability. Green Leaf & Pebble Tea Spa blends natural and organic age-defying products, and body rejuvenation techniques, with proven modern and ancient methodologies that relieve stress and anxiety, increase energy and enhance the overall beauty of body mind and spirit. We offer a variety of private, customized skincare treatments including facials and peels, infusions, microdermabrasions, waxing and more. Professional make-up artistry services, as well as massage and Reiki therapy, are available. We've just added an Infared Sauna for our guests, giving even more variety to our health and wellness services. The infusion of natural and organic exotic oils, herbs and teas in our products add to your health, well being, tranquility and to the luxurious eco-friendly spa experience you will enjoy. Isn't it time? Yes, indeed it is!

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9am 8pm MTh 9am 6pm F

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529 North Great Neck Road Great Neck Professional Center
Virginia Beach VA USA, 234544035
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Dennis Stebbins
757 4630091

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