How Much Does Motorcycle Insurance Cost

How Much Does Motorcycle Insurance Cost<P>How much does motorcycle insurance cost is definitely the first question on the mind of a new motorcycle owner, or should be.  Insurance gives people the peace of mind that comes with knowing that if there is an accident, you, your bike and even your passenger will be covered. You do pay for that peace of mind, though and motorcycle insurance costs definitely add to the bills each month.  There are discounts available and the more years of driving experience that you have, the lower your insurance premiums will be.  Depending on the state that you live in, your insurance can be slightly cheaper or slightly more expensive.

How much does motorcycle insurance cost is a hard question to answer because there are several factors that go into calculating the rates.  Motorcycle insurance for new riders is more expensive than for older or more experienced riders.  While that seems unfair in some ways, the insurance companies assess risk and as a newer driver or rider, you are still learning and so there is more opportunity for accidents.  If you are an experienced driver, but you have never ridden or owned a motorcycle before, then you may be paying a rate that is closer to that of the motorcycle insurance for new riders.

Being a new rider or an experienced one is only one piece of the rate determination.  If you hold another policy for a vehicle, house or even a boat, then you may qualify for additional discounts as you bundle your insurances into one policy.  Other discounts are available, if you ask or know where to look.  If you store your motorcycle in a garage, then it may be worth a 5% discount.  The type of bike and where you will ride are factors.  The road rider and the track rider motorcycle insurance costs might vary, too.

Getting discounts for your safe driving record and possibly your credit score can also help to defray the insurance costs.  Another great way to get a discount is to take the motorcycle safety course that is offered at locations throughout the country.  It is designed as a basic safety class that will help any rider, experienced or novice to understand the rules of the road better and also to learn some ways to handle the motorcycle in the ever changing road conditions.  The class is geared for about fifteen hours, but some are a bit more with added discussion or practice of skills like getting your bike up after it falls.  You also receive a certificate that verifies that you have completed the class.  That certificate can help you get a discount on your motorcycle insurance.

Another discount that may or may not be available is the switching discount.  Some insurance providers will offer a discount if you switch to their insurance.

How much does motorcycle insurance cost?  This is one of those questions that needs a bit more than a standard answer.  The nice thing about the variety of discounts is that there are some for nearly everyone to qualify for in some way.  At the very least taking a couple of Saturdays to get your safety class certification could be worth the ten to fifteen percent discount that you'll get afterwards.  Age, type of bike, storage area and what state you live in all play a part in the amount of insurance that you'll pay, but some discounts can help make it a bit cheaper.  Ask your agent about some possibilities for discounts.  You never know you may qualify for something that you didn't know you would before you ask.

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