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Mostly, messengers should be much less important than messages. Writers shouldn’t be seen peeking around stage curtains, breaking character, intruding into content flow. But here in these often subjective areas of spirituality, you might want to know more about who you’re dealing with in these pages.

So… I’m Dave Brisbin. As a pastor, I teach, counsel, and administrate for two non-profit orgs, one dedicated to addiction recovery and the other to children’s issues. And I write. After years writing marketing copy, feature articles and book and product reviews, even a song released on a Grammy-nominated album, I’ve been grateful for the last decade to have worked in non-profit and ministry–and more recently to have completed a book on Jesus’ non-religious way of life.

Growing up on twelve years of Catholic education, I entered a monastery early on only to leave shortly in favor of pursuing music, education, and corporate and marketing communications in somewhat overlapping sequence. Coming full circle to rediscover church in an Evangelical setting, I dove into the study of Christian origins and Hebrew roots, finding a Jesus and a faith I’d never considered or knew existed.

Just the facts: I hold a BA in English Lit/Creative Writing and a Masters in Divinity and have taught the origins and transmission of scripture and classes on the original intent of Jesus’ Hebraic message at Coastland University in Orange County, CA. I’m currently the teaching pastor for theeffect, a non-denominational faith community and ministry focusing on alcohol and substance abuse recovery and serve as president of Children of The Americas, a non-profit organization working to feed and educate underserved children in Mexico and the U.S.

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