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Since 2015

Save With DC Solar ... 

Can we help you harness the power of the sun ... from a safe distance?

Washington DC government incentives matched with federal government tax credits can make clean solar energy less expensive than what you already pay PEPCO.  Contact us for a consult to see how your situation may be improved with solar.

Having worked in solar for 5 years, we help home owners and businesses with solar. From consult, to install, to maintenance and repair, we provide what you need. 

Doug Kuhn is an independent contractor with professional relationships with 7 different financial institutions, multiple install companies and a master electrician. Flexibility and competence delivered with patience and good humor make up a  typical consult. 

it's always a good idea to get information, right? Contact us for a consult.  Not every situation is suited to solar, so let's see if solar can benefit you. 

... best Solar in Washington DC

Hours of Operation

Let's see if we  can meet you at a time and place convenient for you. Normally, the consult is at the location being considered for the solar install.

Contact us to schedule your consult. 

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Federal tax credits are scheduled to be reduced from 30% to 26% on solar systems installed after 2019 ... and then to be eliminated in the future. Permitting with government entities can take awhile. Since you're considering solar, schedule your consult now. Don't risk missing out on these credits because you're system is not installed in 2019!