Choosing the Best Building Inspector What to ask

Whether you are investing in a new building or purchasing a home for your family, calling in an expert to evaluate the property to protect yourself against unforeseen home expenses or serious structural defects in the infrastructure is the smart thing to do. Here are some questions you should ask to ensure that you are hiring only the best building inspector in the market. 

Is your inspector qualified for the job?

It may seem like an obvious question, but in many places, there are no formal qualifications required to perform a building inspection. Hence you should take your time to ask about what industry experience they have and the amount of time they have spent in the business. A real building inspector is a licensed builder and is aware of all the details about a sound home construction. All licensed builders have a license number, and you can ask for this information.  

Is your inspector skilled in the type of inspection you are looking for?

It is immensely important to find the right person for the job. Not every type of inspector will require the same set of skills. For example, a pest inspection needs someone who is skilled to carry out pest tracking and analysis, on the other hand, a pre-purchase building inspector knows better about building trades. You should be aware of the nature of the inspection you are required to get done, and the person you’re hiring is skilled for the job. 

Is your inspector thorough with his inspection?

A detailed inspection at least requires thirty to ninety minutes, depending on the size of the property and complexity of the infrastructure. The inspector that you hired should be looking for cracks in the wall, mould and leak stains, cavity dampness, leaks, plumbing and issues related to water pressure, working windows, electrical problems, rusting structures, low-hanging trees and root travel, structural soundness of the gates and verandas, signs of pest infestation, integrity of the roof such as holes, rusting and missing tiles. 

Is your inspector going to explain you his findings?

A good inspector will offer a follow-up and will carry out a post inspection debrief with you to help you understand the report and its findings. You inspector should make sure you are clear about everything that is mentioned in the report, are satisfied with the report.

Does your inspector have an insurance certificate?

When shortlisting your desired inspector, you should make sure they are adequately insured. A professional service should have acquired professional indemnity to cover the advice they are offering and public liability to cover any damage caused to a third party. 

Will you be allowed to accompany the inspector during his inspection?

An experienced, confident inspector will allow you assist them throughout the entire inspection or may ask you to give them some time alone to ponder over the details alone and may invite you in the later stages of the inspection to address your issues, whereas inexperienced personnel will be hesitant to do so. 

When do you get the report?

Most of the time, the inspector takes one business day maximum to generate a proper report. A well-detailed report addresses each and every aspect of the property is easy to understand, includes pictures and is unbiased to help you make your decision easier. Your inspector should recommend ways to rectify problems. The list of issues is graded according to its seriousness to help you prioritize and make a well-informed decision. In case if you have any questions, your inspector should address them.