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Since 2009

Looking for the best Shipping Room Supplies in Bellevue WA?

Sourcing Allies is a global company. We are comprised of a proud team of sourcing agents that has helped companies across the US and Europe manufacture and source over a million objects from China as well as India and Eastern Europe since 2006. We specialize in sourcing products that help you manufacture and source in many low-cost countries.

We get you the right price, quality and lead time. Our office in Bellevue, Washington, USA will guide you through the process of getting quotes, evaluate factories, manage the complexities of manufacturing, shipping & transportation, administration and most of all ensure the goods arrive at your desired location.

Founded in Sweden in 2006, for over 12 years we've helped our customers manufacture and source in China, India and Eastern Europe.  We guide our customers through the process of getting quotes, evaluating factories, managing manufacturing complexities, shipping & transportation, administration and most of all ensuring that their goods arrive at the desired location in the designated time.

As a multicultural team consisting of British, American and Swedish expats living in China for years, we work closely with our Chinese colleagues to ensure the successful delivery of your products.

We specialize in working with China Sourcing Agent Bellevue WA, China Chinese Sourcing Company, Plastic Manufacturers, Aluminium Die Casting, Stainless Steel Fabrication, Manufacturing Agent, Metal Stamping.

Our services ensure you get all this with the right price, right quality in the right lead time.

Call us to get free quotes or visit our website for products manufactured in and procured from China, India & Eastern Europe.


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Monday – Friday     9 am – 4 pm

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14205 SE 36th St #100
Bellevue WA USA, 98006
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