Hair Removal Methods for Home and Beyond

Hair removal can be a constant battle for both men and women.  Trying to keep the unwanted hair under control with tweezers, waxes, razors, hair removal products and even a hair removal laser can be time consuming and costly. Managing the need for smooth skin with the costs of time and money is what many are doing these days.

Hair removal products like waxes and sugars require heating usually in a microwave to warm the wax or the sugars.  Waxes may have additional steps like applying skin cleanser or some creams to use as well as the wax itself.  Making sure to prepare your skin and to treat it after the waxing and sugaring is important. Clean up from the sugars are a bit easier than waxes, but both can be used at home without too much difficulty.  Also, the newer waxes seem to heat in a more consistent manner so that there are fewer hot spots that can burn your skin.  Stirring it just in case still is a good piece of advice to follow.

Hair removal is one of those chores that may need to be done over and over again.  Most of the removal processes are not going to permanently remove the unwanted hair, but they can keep it away for quite some time anyway. Pulling hair from the root or follicle is called depilation. Usually a handheld epilator takes the hair out.  It might resemble an electric razor. It removes the hair from the follicle under the surface of the skin.  The hair will take a bit longer to appear to grow back because it needs to grow to the skins surface before it is visible.  Tweezing accomplishes the same thing, but over a greater area a depilatory tool or creams are a better solution.  The down side to this type of hair removal is that it can be a bit painful until you get used to the sensation. Over time, the theory is that the hair will no longer grow from the follicles that have been depilated many times. 

Hair removal laser treatments can also be a solution to unwanted hair growth.  These treatments use a pulsing beam of light to damage hair follicles thereby inhibiting hair growth.  It may not be a permanent solution, so maintenance treatments can be needed after a while to get rid of any re-growth.  In addition, this type of treatment is not for everyone.  It works the best for people with dark hair and light skin.  Also, the cost can be prohibitive for many.  A treatment might cost around two hundred dollars to as much as nine hundred per session.  Since it usually takes more than one session to be effective, the cost can rack up quickly.

Hair removal is something that many people do as a part of their daily grooming, with shaving and tweezing, but more and more people are turning to creams and waxes and even lasers to effectively remove unwanted hair for longer periods of time than shaving or tweezing.  With a great deal of removal products on the market, doing some homework on which ones are the best for you based on your skin type, the skin sensitivity and of course, the cost involved in the technique that you choose.  Whether you are a man or a woman, hair removal can be a concern for you.  Learning all that you can about the products and services available can make the process a bit simpler.  Some products can be used at home and some need to be accessed at a spa, clinic or doctors office.

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