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I’m Elizabeth Bachman, Star Maker For Speakers. My passion is helping you become greater than you ever dreamed you could be. Teaching Presentation Skills is how I get you there.

Public Speaking is one of  THE best ways to promote your business or practice. But most people don’t want to go there because they think public speaking is hard, and Presentation Skills are hard to learn. But if you think about it, you owe it to your people to be a star speaker.

Do you need help jazzing up your delivery? The Star Power Boot Camps with Elizabeth Bachman help you gain more Charisma and Confidence and turns that Charisma into cash [or influence]  These Boot Camps are for any speaker who needs RESULTS, whether presenting or promote your own business or presenting as part of your job.

Mastering a Signature Speech that Sells VIP Mentoring Program with Elizabeth Bachman is the “everything” package that launches you on your speaking career!  Once you invest in creating a Signature Speech, you can deliver it over and over again.  Think about rock stars. They don’t change their concerts, they change their audiences and play the hits the audience expects. Of course your interaction with the audience will be a little different each time. But the speech is the same.

You see, as a speaker, you are a figure of hope. Everyone listening to you is hoping, or even expecting that you will uplift, inspire, or inform them. They want to be moved by you. But most of the time, audiences are disappointed by another mediocre speaker.

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