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An inventory make is a detailed document which describes the condition of a property and the contents within, this is important because at the end of a tenancy (Landlord) if any damages were incurred to your property or (Tenant) was accused of damages to a property which was present before the start of the tenancy. The inventory backs up any allegations keeping both parties, landlord and tenant safe.nIn 2007 there was a change in the Housing Act 2004 which stated that all short hold tenancy deposits must be protected by government schemes of which are:n>Tenant deposit scheme (TDS)n>Mydepositsn>The deposit protection schemenThis legislation was put in place to primarily protect the tenants deposit in making sure part or all of the tenants deposit was returned back duly at the end of a tenancy.nWhen using an inventory company always ask if they are AIIC or APIP registered, if their answer is yes ask for their membership number, this simple measure can save you thousands of pounds as seen below when a landlord used an unregulated clerk.nWe attended a property in Peckham for a check-out. We hadn’t done the check-in, going against the agent’s word in using their chosen inventory company the landlord assured us that they had outsourced a professional inventory clerk at the start of the tenancy of which the inventory report consisted of one side of A4 paper with a cover page.nAt first glance the property looked in good order, floors clean all rooms tidy with each item in the same room as at the start of the tenancy.nBy the end of the inspection we identified that the fridge freezer was neglected to the point in which it started builing its own life form of thousands of small black slug like animals, the dishwasher had been replaced with a lesser alternative, wooden floor panel where missing to the landing hidden underneath a rug (Picture below), the tenants comments to this was “this is the state the property and its contents were handed to me at check-in”.nThe landlord faced major issue with this as the inventory report was conducted by an unregulated clerk. There was no mention of the make, model and serial numbers of any of the kitchen appliances on the check-in report other than the statement Washing machine Good in addition to this there was no mention of the floors within any of the room within the property.nIn this situation the TDS (Tenancy Deposit Scheme) or DPS (Deposit Protection Service) would have to return the tenants deposit back despite the issues stated above, although it’s not fair, the inventory report was not detailed or done

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145 157 St Johns Street
London England UK, EC1V 4PW
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