When was the Internet Invented

The question of when was the Internet invented can only be answered through a series of milestones that led to what we have today as the World Wide Web. The human race has always been great at making discoveries and inventions since its inception. The capability of the human race to make great discoveries and inventions such as the Internet is just a small show of the imminent intelligence that we all possess. The Internet is such a vital tool at present day and age. It holds the bases for communication through various media. Various devices and inventions have also been invented to support and enhance its use. This is why the story cannot solely be confined to the rising of the Internet as such a major tool without mentioning a few other inventions that were also involved in the process of creation.

Humble beginnings are what we can refer to as the point from which the Internet has grown to what it is today. This is because technology started at its most primitive form and has been in an undeniable rise since then. Research into the most primitive form of networking such as packet switching began as early as in the 60s. At this point, the much that Donald Davies could do was to join a number of separate networks through protocols for internet working.

You also cannot fail to answer the question of when was the Internet invented without mentioning the names of some great scholars who also contributed to the early forms of the Internet. These scholars include Leonard Kleinrock and Douglas Engelbart whose work propelled the process of the invention on the Internet from the 60s through to the 70s.

During the invention of the Internet, many scientists protected their work and there was not much international sharing of what had been developed so far. Maybe if there was this interaction, the Internet would have been in use much longer than it was. However, the coveted work of each and every one of the contributing scientists led to the Internet that we have today.

The signs of the birth of a realistic internet, a term that came up as a shorter version of the word internet working, came up during the seventies and part of the early eighties. The individuals who came up with the initial network that was referred to as the Internet were Carl Sunshine, Yogen Dala, and Vinton Cerf in 74. From this point, the world work network was fully connected through the standardization of the internet Protocol Suites. This is the point where the Internet that we use today actually came into existence.

From this point onwards, it was just a matter of expansion and improvement of the Internet year after year. With the gradual expansion of the Internet, the business minded as well took a chance at milking the cash cow by coming up with commercial internet services. The Internet was formally commercialized in the year 1995. At this point there was nothing holding back the rapid expansion of the Internet across the world.

The Internet has been a vital tool in the commercial, social and cultural aspects of the world today. The dependency that most people have developed to the Internet without even knowing when was the Internet invented is amazing. Many businesses are not able to succeed without the Internet, more than half of the world's communication would be crippled if the Internet ever went down for any reason.

From the simple slow network connections in the 90s to the high speed data networks that we have today such as the fibre optics, it is easy to see that there are many inventions and concepts that have contributed to the upgrading of the Internet through the years. The growth of the Internet has not yet attained its maximum potential.