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Best Massage Therapist Dublin CA USA
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MedicinEvolution Bodywork Beyond Massage
6400 Village Pkwy Suite 101
Dublin CA USA, 94568
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MedicinEvolution Bodywork Beyond Massage best Massage Therapist in Dublin CA
Massage Therapist in Dublin California offering services as a 

sports massage therapist. Reduce Pain and Learn to Listen to 

Your Body in just 10 Weeks. MedicinEvolution program combines 

the wonders of massage and chiropractic work through Bodywork 

and Structural Integration to help you get rid of pain and 

start moving in your daily life. Best of all, it lasts longer 

than conventional massage. In just ten weeks we: • Reduce Pain 

• Understand and Correct Structural Imbalances • Improve Your 

Posture and Feel More Confident • Function Better Both 

Mentally and Physically. Our Purpose is to reduce pain and 

other symptoms that you haven’t had luck with. 

MedicinEvolution is the solution for many problems plaguing 

your body. Our Mission is to provide you with the highest 

level of manual medicine in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our 

Vision is based on our belief that your body is a metaphor and 

guide that speaks to you in a language that is constantly 

telling of your relationship with it, and to the people and 

world around you. This deeper understanding provides you a 

powerful mechanism for inner healing and creating more 

wholesome relationships with others. We treat the following 

conditions: 1) Back Pain, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, and Knee 

Pain - 2) Car and motorcycle accidents - 3) Repetitive Stress 

Injury - 4) Chronic Poor Posture and Scoliosis - 5) Sprains 

and Strains - 6) Poor posture - 7) Headaches - 8) Sports 

Injuries - 9) Chronic Pain - 10) Post-surgery Recovery - 11) 

Scars. What’s The Process? The process begins with a free 15 

minute phone consultation. I listen to what’s going on, take 

your history, understand your goals, and we schedule the first 

session which lasts for 1 ½ hours. I recommend the 10-series 

to all of my clients. Your commitment to do the ten isn’t 

required at the onset, try one, two, or three sessions. If you 

decide the work has been helpful and you want to experience 

the complete benefits of Structural Integration the fourth 

session is the point where I strongly recommend you commit to 

the ten. From the fourth session on we’re working with deep 

structures and organizing your very core so it’s important to 

complete the series at this point. The 10-series involves 

bodywork and education, it is my job to do the bodywork and 

your job to embody the work. The homework is customized for 

you to deepen the connection to what’s going on in your body, 

this element is, just as, if not more essential to changing 

patterns as the manual bodywork I do. After the 10-series 

you’re advised to let the work settle for a period of time. 

When you feel ready post-10 sessions are the next stage of 

your journey. The post-10 work further progresses structure, 

function, and understanding and unlike other forms of work you 

begin to grasp why pains occur and how your participation or 

lack of it affects your well-being.

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