Common Bicycle Repair Problems How to Fix Them

You have likely encountered numerous problems when you have a bike. Some of those problems are quite recurrent and so that makes them common. These common problems do not necessarily require you to go to the mechanic as there are quick fixes to those problems. Following is list of common bicycle repair problems and how to fix them. 

Flat tires

Fixing the flat tire depends upon what’s causing it. If it is simply low on air then the fix is easy. However, if the tube is punctured then your work got a little more extended. Fixing a flat tire usually starts out with removing the wheel off from the wheel. You might require a few tools to release the wheel if you have an older version of the bike. The newer versions of bike come with a quick release. 

The next step is to open up the valve so as to complete deflate the tire. After all the air has been move out, you should push back the valve into the tire. Third step is to get the inner tube out by separating the wheel rim. At this point you should check for any foreign objects that might have punctured the tube. Inflate the tube and make sure it doesn’t lose its shape. Put it back in. Place the tire into the wheel and then start inflating it again. Finish the fixing by placing it back on the frame.

Loose Bolts 

The major problem areas that get affected by this problem are handlebars, seat post and stem. Increased friction could cause the bolts in these areas to loosen up a bit. You shouldn’t counter this problem by over tightening the bolts as that would damage the bike’s thread and that is likely to necessitate a repair job that costs a lot. 

To solve this problem, you should get a torque wrench. That is quite accurate and will not cause you to keep guessing how much to tighten the bolts. You don’t have to repeat the procedure recurrently, only when you hear a rattling sound of loose bolts. 

Misaligned Wheels

Sometimes bikes get a crooked wheel. This might happen when you have fixed a flat and then have lost the alignment of the wheel. The wheel might have lost a couple of its skewer springs that keeps it aligned. As a solution, you should make sure that the spring’s narrow side is adjacent to the hub. If it is not, then this ends up increasing the axle diameter and would surely misalign the wheel. 

Constantly Flat Tires 

This might be a recurrent problem when you are not inflating your tubes properly, most likely the case is that you are underinflating them. Or there is some foreign objects inside of it that is causing it to not inflate properly. Another issue could be that you are not fitting them properly and it might get caught between the tire and the rim. So avoid those things and you are good to go. 

Skipping chain

There might be a tight link in a skipping chain. You have to identify which link is making the chain skip. You can do that by setting your sight at the rear derailleur and then backpedalling to see that tight link. After that all you got to do is add the lubricant and work the chain back and forth to properly loosen it up. 

Jammed Seat 

A jammed seat could be fixed easily by loosening the seat post binder and then covering it up with the lubricant. In case the problem still hasn’t been fixed, then you should increase the torque through pliers or adjustable wrench. 

Owning a bike is great. Fun, good for you and saves quite a bit on gas; however, sometimes you will encounter problems. Hopefully this article will help you with common bicycle repair problems and how to xix them yourself.

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