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Stemp And Company best Attorneys & Lawyers - Intellectual Property in Calgary AB

Stemp & Company are Calgary's best Intellectual Property lawyers. They are professionals in copyright, trademarks, and licensing. Whether you are at the formative state of creating a new idea or whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur with patents under your belt you will want a consultation with Bill Stemp and his team.

Stemp & Company can also handle all of your wills, Business law, corporation, partnership, and real estate needs. With decades of experience and wisdom Bill Stemp and his team can get things moving for you quickly and efficiently.


A copyright protects artistic creation, photographs, sculptures, computer software, architectural drawings, and similar items. The copyright lawyers at Stemp & Company can help with all of your copyright needs. The team at Stemp & Company is experienced and knowledgeable in helping prepare and file copyright applications. They can hanlde the filing and preparation and they also offer copyright law consultations, assign and transfer copyrights and help those who are victims of copyright infringement. To learn more about their copyright law services and how they can help you please contact their team.

If you have a unique idea or name, what comes next for you?


You need to consider that there are different types of IPs that define new innovation or discovery or a new improvement to an existing idea.  

Three types of patents:

  • Utility patents - A utility patent is one that involves the discovery of a new process, article of manufacture, machine, or an improvement of an original idea.
  • Design patents - Design patents are mostly concerned with ornamental designs that can be used to manufacture something.
  • Plant patents - Design patents are mostly concerned with ornamental designs that can be used to manufacture something.

Patenting or trademarking unique ideas, thoughts or innovations will safeguard them from being stolen and used by someone else. Therefore you won't lose out on profits. There are people who are imitators who steal ideas and make profit from them. Do not share a unique idea with anybody until you have fully protected it; otherwise it is in your best interest to keep it a secret.

Hours of Operation

The Stemp & Company  office is adjacent to the new West LRT line

(W. downtown/Kerby station)

CallToll Free: 1-800-665-4447
Office: (403) 777-1122
Fax: (403) 777-1124

Office Hours
Monday to Friday - 9:00am - 5:00pm
Saturday and Sunday - Closed

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I was called back with in 45 mins of leaving a message and spoke with Kari. I said I was not sure if they could help, more than a few years ago I and a friend got a copy write on a name of a show we had an idea of. During this time I said I have seen shows with same idea, should I get a lawyer? Kari was very nice and helpful that a copy write on a name is different than a patent on an idea. So I said we should have called you first to find out what to do? She was kind and said that would have helped me. She also said that their company is always open for questions like mine so people don't do the wrong things. Wish I would have called them before we had paid money for a copywrite. Very Helpful.

233, 1100 8 Avenue SW
Calgary AB Canada, T2P 3T8
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