Finding and hiring a licensed biohazard cleanup service

Finding and hiring a licensed biohazard cleanup service is important to the safety of your workers and the public.  Biohazards are biological agents that pose a health threat, which is why their cleanup is regulated by federal, state, and local laws.  Examples of biological hazards are medical waste and human bodily fluids.  In the workplace, most companies have adopted policies that protect workers and the general public by setting standards for cleaning up biological waste.  On occasion, these hazards are too large for average workers to handle.  An example of this would be an accident that results in serious bodily trauma.  In those situations, it is necessary to hire a company that specializes in cleaning up hazardous biological material. 

Most employers now keep a biohazard cleanup kit on premises.  These kits are designed to protect employees from harm while cleaning up small biological hazards.  These kits generally include gloves, masks, aprons, and special cleaning chemicals that can kill bacteria or viruses that might be present and thoroughly handle the mess.  The protective clothing and equipment should always be used when cleaning biological spills.  If you are an owner or manager, and your workplace does not have a kit, you can find one by contacting your local or state health department.

Biological hazards can present themselves in a number of ways.  In a retail setting, a customer or worker might hurt themselves and start bleeding, or get sick and vomit.  These small problems can easily be addressed by a well-trained employee using a biohazard cleanup kit.  Other instances are not so simple.  Some of these more traumatic issues include suicides in hotel rooms, workplace shootings, violent robberies resulting in serious injuries or fatalities from knife or gunshot wounds, or industrial accidents resulting in great bodily trauma.

Insect and rodent infestations can also require more attention than a workplace kit is designed to handle.  Pest infestations rarely cause significant biohazard issues, because most homes and businesses use pest control services to eliminate vermin from the premises.  But, in situations of serious neglect, these infestations can result in large collections of fecal matter that can cause serious biological threats.  Bats, rats, and other rodents are carriers of such infectious diseases as Hantavirus, Meningitis, Histoplasmosis, and Leptospirosis.  With some of these diseases, infection occurs by inhaling the fungal spores found in the droppings.

In these cases of serious biological contamination, it is necessary to find and hire a biohazard cleanup company right away.  Do not attempt to handle these situations yourself, as you run the risk of acquiring a serious infection that ultimately can be life threatening.  These companies can be found by searching on line or contacting your state health department, which should have a list of licensed companies in your area.  Every biohazard cleanup company is subject to strict regulations to protect public health.  While an on line search will generate many company names, you wont be assured that the company you hired is licensed unless you contact the health department.  You could also call your local police or fire department, as they often have a list of companies they call after responding to traumatic emergencies.

Biohazard cleanup services will clean and decontaminate the affected area.  Time is of the essence in these situations, and an urgent response is often required.  This is why these companies are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  Whether the issue is in a workplace environment or at a residence, the cleaning service will work with your insurance company directly so all you will have to pay is the deductible, if any.  Make sure the company you hire is locally licensed.  The cleanup of biological agents is serious business.  Don't leave yourself open to legal action or fines by hiring the wrong people.  Find and fire a biohazard cleaning service.

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