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Would it be OK if we help you send less money to Washington D.C.? 

Of course, you say! Most people agree taxes are more complicated than ever and too high right?  Well, we are a Tax "Planning" Firm, not only a Tax "Preparing"  Firm.

What's the difference?  Tax Preparing is recording history. Tax Planning is introducing strategies that will reduce your total tax. 

Are you a  Business that has Tax Pain? We will help you reduce it.

How do we do that?  First, we diagnose your Tax Pain. Next, we write you a prescription. Then we fill the prescription or you can have your Tax Pro fill it.

The prescription is actually a Formal Tax Plan or Blueprint which shows you how much we "Guarantee in writing" we will reduce your taxes. Then you have a choice. You can have your Tax Pro fill the prescription or you can have us, the ones who designed your plan "fill your prescription."

Everybody says they want to pay "Fewer Taxes."  When is the last time your Tax Pro told you they have a strategy to significantly reduce your taxes? 

Call us today Lifeline Tax today at 561-244-0062 to request your Tax Planning Strategy.

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Monday thru Friday 9am to 5 pm

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1601 Belvedere Road 104 E
West Palm Beach FL USA, 33406
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Charles Theisen
+1 (561) 244-0062
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