A Guide to Help Maintain Your Appliances during the Summer Months

Year after year your appliances work endlessly to make your life easier and more comfortable. But it is in the summer months that your appliances have to work even harder to keep functioning.

To make sure that all of them work to their full capacity, it is very important for you to take proper care of them. In fact, the appliances that you take the most for granted would be the first ones to need repairs. So don't let such a situation arise, act before the problem aggravates and a replacement is needed. Here are a few simple tips which, if followed, would help elongate the life of your appliances:

Some Tips To Help You Take Care Of Your Appliances:

Refrigerator- Make sure that you maintain your fridge temperature levels at 40 degrees F for the fridge and 5 degrees F for the freezer. The motor and the coils should be free from dust and the gaskets should be lubricated often. Another surprising fact is that a full fridge would work more efficiently than an empty one. So if the freezer has empty space, place water jugs in it. Leave some space around the fridge for the hot air to escape. This space would also help provide good circulation.

Air Conditioners- In the summer months, you cannot really do without these, can you? So follow a proper maintenance schedule for your ACs. Check the filters and replace them if required. Let your air conditioning breathe easy at times; switch it off for a couple of hours everyday. Clean the evaporator coil and lubricate the motor and the fans. Have the belts tightened and replace them if needed. Check the capacitors, drain pans, condensation drain etc. for proper functioning. Better still, get a professional check up done annually.

Washer- Clean all signs of rusting and leakage. Place the hose securely under the washer so that the rust does not show up in the future. Check for loose wiring and make sure that it does not touch the water areas.

Ceiling fans- This may seem like a small purchase, but can you afford to live without them even for a single day? Make sure that the blades are clean and the motor is well lubricated. Also check for the balance of the fan periodically.

Water heater- Check the venting and clean all signs of rust and leakage. Have a professional take a good look at it once a year to ensure proper maintenance.

So now you know that maintaining your appliances regularly would not only ensure a long life for them, but you too would be able to enjoy their services for many more years to come.