Pet Adoption is it right for me

Pet Adotion is something to consider. After all, animals have been domesticated for eons now. From basic farm animals to loyal watchdogs, people have had pets for a variety of reasons, in an attempt to further the bond between man and animal. However, sometimes families aren't prepared for the responsibility a pet can bring to a family. They fail to realize how much goes into caring for another being, and too often animals suffer due to neglect on the owner's behalf. The decision to adaopt a pet requires an uderstanding of what is involved. Questions such as where to adopt, where to keep it, and the time you can give it need to be adressed. Let's look at some of the responsibilities behind caring for man's best friend, or a friendly lap cat.

Adoption - First, there's the matter of how you obtain the pet. Any individual can go to a local animal shelter and view the animals available for adoption. Often these creatures are strays, or were brought in because their previous owners could no longer care for them. The shelter is a perfect place to find a new companion, as they enforce rules that prevent the spread of disease or unnecessary breeding. Every animal is equipped with a microchip that contains the data for new owners; in case the animal gets lost again, Animal Services can look up whom it belongs to through this microchip, allowing the pet to go home safely. Going through the city is probably the most secure, and safest, way to ensure you get a brand new and loveable friend.

Housing -  So you've purchased your new puppy, bird, or kitten. What's next, you ask? Caring for the animal. Make sure you have a suitable resting place for your canine, feline, aviary, or reptile friend. This ranges from dog houses to glass terrariums, and everything you'll need you can find at local pet stores like Petco or PetSmart. Attendants are able and willing to give you all the information needed for the proper care and feeding of your new animal. Make sure you look at different foods, as some are designed for older or younger animals; match your food to the proper age of your pet. If you get a hamster, ferret, mouse, or rat, make sure to purchase proper bedding and treats. And remember, no animal can live on sweets and table scraps alone, you must ensure that your pet can eat proper meals as often as directed by the pet store.

Attention - Lastly, your pet needs attention! It isn' something that can be left to its own devices to entertain itself, it craves the awareness of its owners. Not only can ignoring animals cause you to lose expensive items (when the animal decides it's more fun to chew on your couch cushions or that Prada handbag than sit around doing nothing), but too much neglect will actually cause a decrease in the animal's health. So make sure to take Sparky for his daily walk, or spend 30 minutes out of the day scratching your cat's tummy. Not only will your animals love you for it, it builds a sense of companionship that everyone will enjoy.

Caring for an animal is much like caring for a small child. Your pet can't tell you when it's hungry, or when it needs to go to the bathroom, so it is up to you to make sure you are there as a responsible person to ensure you care for your animal's needs. Treat pets with respect, and the love and loyalty you'll experience will know no bounds for years to come.

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