The Best Toys For Birds

If you thought childrens toys were out of control, visit your local pet store: Toys R Us has nothing on toys for birds.  Back in the day, we used to satisfy Tweety with a cuttlebone stuck on the side of his cage, and maybe a wire and wood swing.  Now there are some astounding bird toysout there for your parakeet, your parrot (wide selection here), your macaw, your cockatiel and maybe even your pet raven. 

The only thing that todays bird toy has in common with those of the past is that it either hangs on the side of the cage or depends from the middle.  Beyond that, the sky and imagination are the limit. 

For example, for the smaller bird (such as parakeet and canary) there is Birdie Basketball, where the bird can actually attempt a Michael Jordan move with a ball attached by a tiny chain onto a hoop; theres Birdie Bowling, where he can roll a strike with pins that pop up and down; theres even Birdie Barbell, where he can bench press to build up his beak strength. 

If you believe in green toys for avian friends, there are toys and chewing products (and really, to a bird, whats the difference?) of dissoluble safe cloth, bamboo, palm or abaca leaves.  These toys naturally shred as they are attacked, and the bird gets playtime, exercise and beak cleaning all at once.   Canaries love to preen themselves with these surfaces as well, to get that feather - glow sheen. 

Like all toys for children, most bird toys are in primary colors; the more spectacular ones actually have glitter embedded in them, so they sparkle while they move (and most pet enthusiasts agree that color and scintillation keep birds calmer and less bored).  

The Stack OSticks has shiny beads and bright colored flashing cords, and the multiple mirrors on the Disco Ball (it rings while it swings) are fascinating to your cockatiel or parrot.  You might be fascinated too; the cage acquires a pretty stunning rainbow / mirror effect.  

Theres also the Funhouse, a three - way mirror that hangs on the cage at bird eye level and introduces him to those three new birds he can only see in the glass, providing him with hours of fascinated distraction. 

Remember Tweetys old wood and wire swing?  Its been replaced by numerous new models, designed as fences, cars, motorcycles, planes, starships (we kid you not), and even the larger size aviary denizens, including ravens, have bigger models to swing in (and you havent lived until youve seen your pet raven piloting a model  Enterprise). 

If you really want to get hoity-toity, check out the Bird Chandelier; this is made of acrylic plastic and works by reflecting available light (because pet owners tend to distrust toys run by electricity), and it features all the bells and whistles and mirrors you could want.   Its a ballroom in the center of a birdcage (but, please, dont dress your bird up in a tux). 

So check out your nearest pet superstore and marvel at the new and exotic toys for birds youll find there for every age (and species).

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