Pet Waste Removal Services Just Doo It

Pet waste removal services pick up what others pets leave behind.  This is no joke.  Starting a pet waste removal business is one of the hottest new home-based business ideas.  For a minimal starting investment, an entrepreneur can easily grow this business from a part time venture to a full time thriving business.  Before you embark on your new pet waste removal venture, you need to decide if this is a business you have the stomach for.  If you are easily grossed out, then this is NOT for you.  But if you can handle the repetitive nature of picking up after somebody else's pet, then this is an easy business to start.  The initial investment is minuscule compared to other home based businesses.  For equipment, you need gloves, a rake, heavy duty trash bags, and a vehicle.

For marketing your business, you will need some very simple printed materials like business cards and brochures.  You will also need a website so people searching on the internet can find you.  There is actually an association of pet waste removal business owners called aPaws the Association of Professional Animal Waste Specialists.  For an annual membership fee of $85, you get access to many of the resources you will need to get the business started. 

You also need to make a realistic assessment of the market where you are considering starting your business.  The niche of people who would be willing to pay someone to pick up after their pet is small.  The ideal area to get started is an area with families that are middle class and up.

It takes dedication and perseverance to be profitable offering pet waste removal services.  Fortunately, there is a surprising amount of help available.  Pet waste removal is a thriving industry that is supported by a number of websites and forums where business owners share their struggles and triumphs.  Visiting one of these forums offers a glimpse into the everyday operations of this business.

The pet waste removal prices you can charge depend on where your business will operate.  In colder climates, you will likely have to stop your business during the winter when the ground is covered with snow and then offer a spring clean-up service when the snow melts to get started again.  To set your price, you need to determine what your time is worth.  It is best to charge a flat fee on a weekly or monthly basis.  For a better idea on what pet waste removal prices to charge, you can check out the support forums.  There are discussions there about pricing that you can read, or you can start your own thread by asking a question about going rates near you. 

When looking for possible clients, take into account who would have a need for this service.  Neighborhoods with homeowner association rules concerning pet waste are a good place to start.  Look for elderly or disabled homeowners, or busy professional families that do not have time for a task as mundane as cleaning up after their pets.  Offering multiple payment methods can also help.  While many will be happy to pay you in cash, you can set up your business website to accept credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal payments.

Pet waste removal services are booming.  As peoples lives get busier, leveraging time is a must.  Pets, especially large dogs, offer a sense of security but also leave behind quite the mess.  Busy professionals have little time for this, and are often willing to pay someone else to do their dirty work for them.  If you can handle the dirt and the smell, you will also be able to handle the profits in this easy to start and quickly growing business opportunity.

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