Work At Home Nurses And Where They Can Find Work

Many mothers probably feel as if theyre really nurses at times, especially if they are tending to sick children.  If theres more than one child afflicted, that gets to be a real nightmare; they feel as if they may as well get paid for their work.  Well, here are several mothers who take those very experiences and apply them to the nursing profession.

More than one woman with experience as a nursing mother has found a promising career as a work at home nurse; and, ironically enough, many nurses have found promising careers in nursing from the home.

At home employment, after all, is at an all-time high; its very attractive, in the present economy, to be able to set ones own hours and be ones own boss, at least within the limits of the home itself.  But there are several work from home nurse positions that not only allow the nurse the prospective autonomy she craves, but are far less stressful and perhaps more lucrative than a hospital or medical facility job setting would be. 

Nurses working from home can find jobs in many venues, because there are many different kinds of home jobs available in the medical profession even telecommuting, which isnt what one typically thinks a nurse could do; nursing is supposed to be hands on, after all. 

The people who think that, however, have probably never heard of telephone triage; this is a new and exciting medical paradigm that has come into practice in the last few years.  It was born out of an urgent need not every hospital had a nurse available for triage or consultation at any given moment, particularly not in a crisis. 

Telephone triage, just to be clear, is not triage in the sense of pre-operation preparation; that would indeed need to be hands on.  However, there are many nurses on call 24 hours a day only from their homes who accomplish it.  An after-hours patient has an odd pain, a sudden accident, a possible overdose and most medical facilities and major medical plans features a telephone triage nurse for these problems.

The patient calls up the nurse; the nurse, based on the patients description of his or her symptoms, literally diagnoses the patient over the phone.  Their health concern is addressed by an expert, and they are directed to a home remedy, a prescription or even a recommendation for medical help, all from a licensed RN. 

Nurses can also telecommute for insurance companies; telecommuting nurses operated as case managers and call claimants for the insured, questioning them at length about their medical problems.  If the need arises, the telecommuting nurse may need to visit them personally, but since this may be her only case for the day, the stress is not too great. 

Where does a practicing RN wanting to work at home find employment?  Most health care websites of the better established facilities have online job listings for insurance companies, trauma facilities and even online virtual nursing (this is for the advanced computer geek-nurse, but its a fascinating vocation to grow with, as one does virtual diagnosing with an interactive patient). 

One excellent online resource that uses telecommuting nurses is Health Channel, which employs over 600 nursing professionals, all of whom act as medical guides and all of whom write their own websites to give medical assistance.  If theyre a good nurse giving good advice, their page viewing will grow, and they are compensated accordingly.  And if the nurse is too busy for constant online patient interaction, this is the perfect solution, since the medical advice columns and forums can be written at any time. 

Talk about a woman being her own boss; a work at home nurse has the best of all worlds.

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