Qualifications and Requirements for Nursing Assistant Jobs

Nursing assistant jobs are made up of basic nursing services. A licensed practical nurse or a registered nurse will supervise the work. Nursing assistants work with the elderly in community care facilities, hospitals and nursing homes. Basic care such as feeding, grooming, bathing, taking vital signs and helping nurses with medical equipment are part of the nursing assistant job description.

Nursing assistants should have a high school diploma or equivalent in order to complete the six to twelve week certification program. The courses will require learning basic nursing skills, nutrition, infection control, Anatomy and Physiology. There are also clinical activities that allow those attempting to obtain certification hands on experience. Prior to taking the test to gain certification students will often work with someone that is already certified to go through basic training to ensure they are following procedures. Students typically work alone after initial training until they sit for their test.

The nursing assistant job description includes the role of helper since they will also aid patients in getting needed exercise; give them escorts to exam rooms and walking to the bathroom or getting in and out of bed. Tasks such as making beds and light cleaning of patient rooms are also part of the job. The patients entire supportive care if basically in the hands of the CNA since they will be the ones that have to monitor the care given and ensure that basic needs are met.

It is part of nursing assistant jobs to report to the nurse in charge of the shift as to the condition of the patient. The nursing assistant perform charting of things such as bowl movements, baths, exercise, feeding and urine output. Patience is a quality that those working in this position must possess since they will be in close contact with those that are sick, elderly or disabled and may seem a bit demanding at times.

The certification for nursing assistant is only valid for two years and must be renewed within that time frame in order to maintain employment. The nursing assistant salary is lower than that of other medical staff since they are considered supporting staff. It is also considered to be entry level since those possessing the certification can use it to gather basic knowledge and experience to determine if they would like to pursue a more demanding medical career. A full time position is made up of eight to nine hour shifts while part time position shifts may be shorter. The certification requirements are different by state.

The program that is chosen to acquire certification will be specific to the state that you are attempting to get the certification in and should be state accredited. The nursing assistant certification will allow employment in the field. In some states the facilitys that employ nursing assistants will provide a certification course and allowing student to earn a nursing assistant salary as they learn the skills needed to continue employment. There are also online training courses and college courses that will prepare students to sit for the certification exam.

In addition to having passed the certification test for becoming nursing assistant they should have intermediate level computer skills and meet health requirements. A TB test is required for work in the medical field. There will be a background check performed by the various facilities that employ nursing assistants to ensure that patients are safe.

Those wishing to obtain nursing assistant jobs will have to remain up to date on their certification since it is required to maintain employment. The certification is valid for a period of two years and must be renewed before it expires in order to maintain employment.

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