What is a Master Plumber

Have you ever wondered what is a master plumber? If you have, you will find the answers to all your questions here. The term master plumber refers to a professional who has undergone rigorous training and testing. The outcome of the testing and training is certification and licensing by the state. This is not a designation that every plumber in the state is able to get but many aspire to. This title is only given to those who have accumulated several years of experience and have been able to take several tests and pass them.

What makes a master plumber special?
A master plumber is different from a regular plumber mainly because of their level of experience and the fact that they are licensed and certified by the state as master plumbers. These plumbers have a greater level of skill than regular plumbers. The skills that these plumbers have include skills for the maintenance and repair of both indoor and outdoor plumbing. These plumbers also possess extensive knowledge of codes and regulations at state and federal level.

Master plumbers like other professionals can specialize in one area of plumbing. You may therefore find a plumber specialized in steam fitting or any other area of plumbing. Master plumbers are highly skilled and experienced. They therefore are usually placed in charge of the design and installation of complex plumbing systems in construction sites. These plumbers usually design the plumbing system and then supervise the installation of the plumbing systems.

How to become a master plumber?
If you aspire to be a master plumber or are planning to hire one, you may be wondering; what is a master plumber?; To become a master plumber there are several steps to take. The journey however takes an extended period of time.

Education plays a major role in advancing your career. It is necessary to advance your education if you want to become a master plumber. Your first step to becoming a master plumber will be to either obtain an associate degree or complete a vocational program from an accredited technical school.

It is important to note that these qualifications are preferred but not a prerequisite for becoming a master plumber. There are many people who still gain the title with a simple GED as organizations such as the Plumbing Industry Council do not require master plumbers to seek these qualifications. However, those with these qualifications often find that they are a great advantage in landing jobs in a very competitive market.

It is necessary to undergo an apprenticeship. This can last between four and five years depending on the requirements of the state. However, you will be paid while on apprenticeship as it involves learning from a more experienced plumber. This means that you will be carrying out actual jobs. The learning experience will therefore actually be a job.

Journeyman Level

A plumber can then apply for a journeyman's license following successful completion of the apprenticeship. This however, means working for a few more years under the supervision of a master plumber. They however will have the choice to obtain a tradesman license immediately after the internship is completed.

Master plumber
A plumber with a journeyman's license will have to work under a master plumber for at least five years before they can take the test to become a master plumber. The test for a license as a master plumber is actually quite practical and only tests the skills that the plumber has acquired over the years. However, the plumber must prove their ability to work on complex and major projects. It also tests knowledge of federal and state codes of practice.

The information provided gives you a rough idea of what is a master plumber.

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