How To Find A Good Plumber For Every Situation

How To Find A Good Plumber For Every Situation<P>Want to know how to find a good plumber?  Wait until you need one, and good luck with that search. The most common plumbing emergencies clogged toilets, sinks and drains, or clogged pipe systems always seem to happen after hours and on weekends.  And even though we no longer live in an age where common plumbing problems always create an emergency visit by an expensively on-the-spot plumber at the afflicted home (on time and charging time and a half), its still a hassle finding a good plumber.

The biggest of all common plumbing problems is that plumbers are usually booked solid if they're any good, and the high demand creates a backlog, a full calendar and, for most good plumbers, some pretty glorious overtime payments.   And there will always be the scam artists out there, who pay big bucks to advertise online and who offer to remedy any common plumbing emergencies for a minimal fee.  They then do minimal or no work, pocket that fee and vanish.

The scam artists themselves should vanish for anyone who follows these simple guidelines, and asks the most common questions for a plumber. <

The first question that will tell you how to find a good plumber is the simplest:  Is he licensed?  Any worthwhile pipe-banger who knows his way around plumbing will not only be licensed but also fully insured (since he's working on someone else's property).  He should freely present his credentials, insurance and licensing when asked (most plumbers carry a portfolio these days); they should be prominently on display in his business if a customer visits there.

Assisting in the search for these professional, licensed and credentialed individuals are websites such as, who list only the plumbers with professional licensure and credentialing.  One might be well advised, in addition (unless its one of those common plumbing emergencies, such as a backed-up toilet or clogged sink), to get references and check online reviews for the professional.   In addition to such online sources as, which lists the credentialed society of plumbing engineers, one can also read the plumbers Facebook and Twitter accounts online to see how he typically interacts with customers. 

The next of the most common questions for plumbers is:  how long has he been around?  Generational businesses are the absolute best in most professional circles, as they tell the consumer that the plumber is invested in the business, as his father and grandfather were before him, and he wont disappear in a puff of smoke after the job is done.   A generational business is usually much more reliable than one thats merely reputable.  Reputable vanishes, like any other quality, but family stays together, especially in the workplace.

The next question i show much?  It should be clear by now that this is a search one doesn't conduct in an emergency, so one can get bids and quotes from plumbers in competition.   Cheaper isn't necessarily better, since undercutting prices often undercuts time on the job (who wants a non-thorough job?) and also undercuts quality work.  If a plumber seems expensive, its perfectly OK to ask him why, and what expenses he is covering.  He may turn out to have the best deal after all.</P> <P>Avoid the plumber who gives over-the-phone quotes; most professionals prefer to see the situation for themselves before giving a price.

Next, one can ask their guarantee limited?  Money back?  If a plumber believes he is the best for the job, he will not hesitate to guarantee the work.

One final question, and its one the homeowner asks someone else; if he/she happens to know another professional (in A/C, roofing, electricity), this reference is a great resource for a plumber recommendation, since these professionals all work as teams in construction jobs. And thats a few ideas about how to find a good plumber!

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