What are the most popular Chevrolet Cars

Want to know What are the most popular Chevrolet Cars? Spelled as SHEV-rə-LAY, and also called Chevy, Chevrolet is an American automotive brand by General Motors Company. Founded by the Swiss car racer driver and engineer Louis Chevrolet co-founded the Chevrolet Motor Company with William C. Durant. The first Chevrolet came out with the price tag of $2150. 

Chevrolet is the first company to introduce the pick-up trucks. It is estimated that 66% of the world’s roads have Chevrolet Cars and it was the top selling car in the United States in 2011. This entrepreneurial venture was taken over by General Motors in 1918. Chevy has introduced marvels in the automotive industry and have set new standards for the type of cars that should be manufactured and has also increased the consumer expectation from the automobile industry.

The Chevy Camaro:

Known as a pony and a muscle car, no one got to hear about this legend before its launch party in August, 1996. It came out as an attack on the Ford’s Mustang. In 2011, Chevrolet introduced a limited edition CAMARO with ghost stripes and a Bordeaux red paint. Regardless of the price tag of $75000, they got sold out in mere 3 minutes’ time! It was formerly named as Panther and then CAMARO, a term used for friends in French. The first Camaro’s engine delivered a horsepower of 140 while the latest V6 has a horsepower of 323. 

From1975 to 1989, the International Race of Champions used no other cars other than the Chevy Camaro. To achieve the distinct body and style that the Camaro has, almost 75 different builds were reviewed before the best-choice was unveiled for a debut. Four distinct models of this legend were manufactured before the copy seized its production in 2002, and it made a plausible comeback in 2010 based on the ravishing Bumblebee featured in the movie Transformers (2007). 

The One of its Kind Chevrolet Corvette:

Known as the Vette, the legend has been produced through seven generations. All of the five Corvette Grand Sport form a part of private collections and are valued around $8 million, in case someone wants to own them. The modern Corvette can go higher than the speed of 50 miles per hour. The car franchise holds special place for the color White, since the first Corvette, the 500,000th, 1,000,000th, and 1,500,000th were all in WHITE! 

This incredible car has covered a long time as the first Corvette is 60 years old now and that car had only two options for specifications, either you could get an AM Radio or you could add a heater – yes it was fully loaded! Also, a car’s fastness is measured in 0-to-60 sprints and just so you know, the 1968 LT-2 Corvette reached it in a mere time of 2.8 seconds. Named after a small warship, the first model was only for the VIP customers and the company decided to manufacture only 300 units, however the plan failed and the Corvette was near to being discontinued – we all would have been deprived of such a treat! Literally!

The Incredible Chevrolet Impala: 

Named after the African Antelope, Impala, this car came with a slogan of, “Space, Spirit, Splendor,” that it justified well! This is the best passenger car one can ever think of. The tech-driven car has the 4G LTE WI-Fi, and is compatible to both, iOS and android devices. With first in its kind myChevrolet Mobile App, you can use your mobile devices as a command center for your car. Send destinations, navigate, lock and unlock your doors, start or stop the engine, all in just one tap!

Collision alerts, side blind zone alerts, cross traffic alerts lane departure warnings and much more – your Impala is complete in terms of safety integration – of course, why would one want to get in an accident specially when they are driving an Impala! 

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are discussing the unbeatable Chevrolet, having the highest number of NASCAR victories! Now you know more about what are the most popular Chevrolet cars.

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