Street Bicycles vs Mountain Bikes - How Do They Compare

When thinking of purchasing a bicycle, the first thing that you should consider is where will you be riding it? Although a large number of veteran bikers would know this since they are either racers or mountain bikers, some of the regular people would not know how to answer this, as they are simply out to get some exercise. When it comes to biking, you have the option of sticking to the streets or heading off to the mountains. You could even choose to start with street biking and then increase your skill level to mountain biking. However, a good number of people will have a problem in making this decision as perhaps someone else has got them into biking and they do not know whether they would prefer to start off track or to opt for comfortable hybrid city biking. 

The next thing to consider when it comes to street bicycles vs. mountain bikes would be the type of exercise you are trying to get. One thing most people do not realize is that these different machines will work to enhance different muscles of your body. Thus, it is advisable for one to conduct some research and establish what they would like to take into consideration in their exercise regime. The choice of bicycle will then dictate the posture of your body, the comfort you will experience as well as the angle of your body while biking.

After putting all this into consideration, you can then go ahead and compare the two different types of bikes. So street bicycles vs. mountain bikes, how do they compare?

Purpose. When it comes to mountain bikes, these have been designed for off road use. This basically means that they are much better suited for riding on non-paved roads and generally rougher environments. Since the early 1970's mountain bikes have been considered a sport and thus you will find professional athletes opting for these types of bikes as it gives them a chance to have a more exhaustive workout. Street bikes, as the name suggests, are designed to be rode on paved streets. These are much better suited for people who live in the city and are looking either for a form of light exercise or for a mode of getting from one point to another. Riding these is less strenuous and also more convenient.

Design of the bike. Just as street bicycles vs. mountain bikes will have different purposes, it should come as no surprise that they will be designed differently too. Mountain bikes will typically have wider tires that are knobby. This is to ensure that the bike has good traction when being rode over rough terrain. The design of the tires also helps in shock absorption, as you will typically be riding over bumpy ground. Mountain bikes will also come with suspension at both the front and the rear. Additionally, you will find these bikes have multiple speed levels with some going as high as thirty gear speeds. On the other hand, street bikes will have their design lay more emphasis on strength rather than the weight of the bike. Their frames will be quite light so as to make them portable for riding around in the city. However, this does not mean that they can easily be bent, as they are also quite strong.

Lastly, bicycles can be quite expensive. If you are a novice and would want to try out biking before making a decision on taking it up as a regular sport, it is advisable to opt for something affordable before upgrading to the high-end brands.