Best Mountain Bikes - How They Compare

Today, mountain bikes have become an engineering marvel.  They are stronger, lighter, smoother and boy, do they look good! Trying to figure out which one to get can be a difficult decision.  Especially since they all claim to be the best.  Many brands out there are quality and usually it comes down to what you can afford. Your pocket dictates which one you will get.  Here are 5 models that have been voted the best mountain bikes.  We will let you compare them and give the final word.

The Yeti SB-66 was voted among the top mountain bikes. It is an aggressive 6 inch bike.  This bike comes with a switch suspension that helps it manage chain forces by using the eccentric lower pivot. Basically when you compress the dual link suspension, the eccentric lower pivot will first rotate in a counter clockwise direction before switching back to rotate clockwise.  What this does is cause the bike to pedal in a much more efficient manner. Suspension is smooth and any shocks caused by bumps will be absorbed quite well.

Another bike that was voted among the best mountain bikes is the specialized S-Works Stumpjumper 29er. This is the 29 inch version of the S-Works Stumpjumper FSR.  This bike has been scaled up from the 26 inch and comes with suspension tuning as well as geometry tuning.  The frame of this bike comes in 4.2 pounds complete with shocks.  This makes it real light. The suspension on this mountain bike is absolutely excellent.

Then comes the pivot mach 5.7 carbon. Instead of using aluminum the manufacturer went with a carbon frame, which made it at least - a pound lighter. In addition to this the back end of the bike has a thru-axle that measures 12 x 142, which takes the place of the QR that is generally the standard. This mountain bike can be purchased at a price range of between four thousand three hundred dollars and seven thousand four hundred dollars. The range is wide and there are eleven versions of this mountain bike available.

The next bike in the list of best mountain bikes is the Trek Fuel EX. This is a bike that will do well on rugged terrain such as steep climbs and descents that may be rocky. The frame tubes have been done in such a way as to ensure your comfort and the head angle is now at 68 degrees.  The EX 9.9 in this range of bikes has a drive train that measures 2x10.  Other models of the same bike have a 3x10 drive train. The bike comes with excellent shocks in the back and there is a wide range that most people can afford.

The Santa Cruz blur TRc is a mountain bike that pedals fast and easy. Its frame is made of carbon, which makes it very light and the head angle is at 68 degrees.  The bike only weighs 4.9 pounds and that is complete with the shocks.  The suspension is good and it takes the bumps very well. It rides well and climbing with this bike is excellent making it fun to drive. 

These 5 bikes are some of the best there is.  However, you have to find the one that works for you, depending on where you will be riding it.  Most of them have excellent suspension and are pretty light having moved from an aluminum frame to a carbon one. They are comfortable and easy to peddle.  Some of them are quite pricey but they come in a wide range including some pocket friendly options that everyone will love.

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