Speaker Author Realtor Producer Terri Murphy

One common aspect of most Smart Guy's is their drive, ambition, and desire to be number one. However there are some, whose ambition is to elevate others. 

Terri is one such person.  In fact, you would be hard-pressed to find even a single person in the nation who doesn't love her. Sure, we could discuss her accomplishments: top real estate agent who consistently sold over 100 homes a year, best-selling author, an accomplished columnist, television producer, spokesperson, national speaker, consultant, and active member of several state real estate and commerce organizations.

She is also the CIO of U. S Learning Inc., and the founder of the Women's Wisdom Network. Even tough-minded real estate developer and star of The Apprentice, Donald Trump asked her to reveal the best real estate advice she has ever received and included her in his book!

But that is not what makes her great.  It is her soul. Her insight into the future of business, dynamic presentations, powerful sales and marketing strategies, knowledge and passion combines together to illuminate the often clouded minds of individuals and fortune 500 company leaders, allowing them to focus their energies and stay on track.

She has the ear of small families in remote cities looking for her personal advice, as well as Fortune 500 CEO's seeking effective means to grow their business in today's economically challenging times. When we asked her what is the current top issue in businesses, she responded "effectively marketing to Generation X...what are the tools, and how to communicate to them in a way they will listen."

But again we are drifting away from what makes Terri great - it is her heart.  She cares.

I cannot say how many times over the years, she flew across country to speak to a group of women, or a large real estate association, or simply a small company that needed guidance for minimal or no pay. When asked why she did it? Her response is always the same, "well, they needed me."

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