How To Market On YouTube The Second Largest Social Network

YouTube is the second largest social media network.  It is also, by far, the largest site on the internet for sharing videos.  In the US, it is the ranks fourth among sites that receive the most traffic.  With these numbers, your internet marketing strategy can ill afford to ignore this opportunity.  Professional videos are a valuable tool for defining your brand and establishing it as an authority in the marketplace.

Why is marketing with online videos so effective?  When done professionally, video marketing can be very powerful.  Professional marketing videos can engage viewers, holding their interest while delivering very valuable marketing content.  People learn better when more of their senses are engaged.  Videos allow customers to see your product or service and listen to your marketing message at the same time. 

And why is marketing with videos a great way to create sales?  Videos can also inspire an immediate emotional response that can result in added sales.  To be most effective, any internet marketing strategy needs to take advantage of this powerful video marketing platform.  But to do this, you need to be able to develop engaging professional marketing videos. 

To be truly effective, your marketing videos need to be concise and get straight to the point.  Two minutes or less is recommended.  Because it is so easy to click from one video to the other, your video must be engaging and hold the audiences attention long enough to deliver your marketing content before their attention fades and they click to another video.  Inserting a call to action towards the end of the video can help convert the view into a sale.  This call to action needs to include your websites URL and any other contact information.  The videos need to be easy for the search engines to locate.  Besides YouTube, you also need to embed your marketing videos on your website, and upload it to other internet video platforms. 

Establish a presence within the video community.  Using YouTube to sell your goods or services starts with creating an authentic user profile.  Build your profile thoroughly so that visitors will consider you an authority in your niche and be more likely reply to your calls to action.  Becoming active within the community is how you get people to visit your profile.  You need to create a library of authoritative videos covering a wide range of topics in your niche.  You also should comment on other videos, join groups, and post messages on bulletin boards.  Keep your content current by uploading new videos regularly.  This helps to keep your subscribers engaged. 

There are tools available to help you better use YouTube to spread your message.  These tools allow you to optimize your videos for search engines to discover and index.  The name of your channel should include your main keywords so that viewers will be able to recognize and relate to your content.  The titles of your videos should include action verbs and your keywords.  Include your videos in the right categories to catch targeted viewers and convert them into followers of your content.  Video descriptions should also include keywords, but use them judiciously as overuse will cause the search engines to punish you.  Include as many tags as you are allowed to, and include all of your keywords in those tags. 

Marketing with YouTube needs to be an important part of your internet marketing strategy.  Properly done, videos can dramatically affect your position as an authority in your niche and drastically increase traffic to your website.  This social network receives 60 million visitors every month.  This is a number not to be taken lightly.  Video marketing is the fastest growing part of internet marketing.  Do not let yourself be left out.

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