Press Release Services for Small Business News Events and Distribution

Looking for press release services for small business news events and distribution? While there are a number of press release services, many do little or nothing to actually help small businesses get their news in front of actual media decision makers or the ultimate desire - in front of consumers who can buy their product or service.

Instead, most press release companies simple sell perceived value by posting the release on unseen news website pages of major news stations that are often ignored by search engines.

Smart Guy has just introduced a now unique press release service, which allowing small business owners a way to leverage their massive SEO power by adding their under their main domain name. This allows business owners the ability to quickly create and rank their business news.

Smart Guy's press releases can assist businesses in a number of ways, including:

(1) helping them establish a relationship with the media,
(2) generate new customers,
(3) establish business credibility,
(4) build SEO traffic,
(5) increase customer engagement and 
(6) allow them to build a credible content portfolio to display on their website or sent to existing customers to keep them excited about their product or service!

Now more than ever, it is critical that businesses get their information in front of the eyes of new and existing consumers. Since over 90% of searches for businesses begins online, SmartGuy's Press Release Services becomes a powerful way to get it done!


About Smart Guy, Inc. is one of the largest exclusive directory and business referral networks in the world. Thousands of business owners visit Smart Guy daily to become the only listed professional in their city and category, connecting together thousands of local city business networks limited to only 1,500 exclusive, referring businesses.

While the concept of simple business networking is not unique, Smart Guy has innovated the city-network model in a way that is being rapidly adopted in thousands of cities across the country and major cities worldwide. Rather than weekly meetings with the same local business owners over and over again,  Smart Guy has automated the process, including a webpage, exclusive listing in their local city directory, existing listing in their local city business network and  provides them a link/recommendation on already highly ranked industry related articles. Often this allows them to get on the top of major search engines for the keywords their customers are looking for...instantly!

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