Growing your business today is all about lack of friction

Whether you are selling a product or service, it’s always been about providing an excellent customer experience. But now, companies are taking it to the next level.

While Google made searching for things easier by displaying choices at the top, Amazon took it to the next level by now only parsing search choices more effectively, but now allowing you to buy a product in seconds without any typing whatsoever. Simply say ‘Alexa, buy a handbag” or “order me a pizza” and your on your way.

What does this mean for you? Always look to innovate your business to increase not only the quality of what you are offering, but the manner in which you offer it.

SmartGuy® for example, is already the largest exclusive business directory and network in the world with 230,000 business professionals in over 5,500 cities worldwide. Though we are growing by hundreds of new businesses each day, we are in the process of updating the look, power and most of all, our customer experience. 

Why? To further eliminate friction.

Soon, a consumer will be able to go to SmartGuy® and enter virtually any city in the world and find a highly-rated professional, restaurant, auto repair service or any of 1,500 other categories of services instantly. Thereby, creating a smarter way to search.

As for the highly-rated businesses who join, it is not only free, but we are making it even easier for them to add their information and align with up to 1,500 other local non-competing business professionals willing to refer one another.  As each city continues to fill up with professionals, SmartGuy® will then market these businesses directly to consumer for free, satisfying another big problem for businesses - getting direct consumer sales. This can help eliminate the time and money once spent on wasteful one time advertising campaigns.

Friction is the enemy. Look how Uber quickly took control of transportation, by eliminating friction and making it easier to get around. Netflix eliminated friction by allowing you to binge watch shows. 

Provide a way for your customer to access things they want more efficiently and effectively than your competition and its almost surely a recipe for success!

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