Personal Goals for Kids - Give Them Purpose

We all want the best for our kids and beneath it all, we want them to become better than ourselves. That is why we are always trying to give them things and opportunities we never had or which we had and would like to transfer the feeling. If you are a parent or a guardian, what you should realize is that you need to set personal goals for kids. There is a very thin line between spoiling a child and setting him up to privilege. The easiest way to differentiate if you are doing the right thing is to ask if what the kids are getting is giving them purpose. If that is the case, then no expense should be spared. If not, then you may be wasting precious moments or throwing money down the drain with no lessons learnt.

An important thing to avoid doing when seeking to set personal goals for kids is to insert your own vendettas. This may be done while unconsciously thinking about your own opportunities missed in the past or those of someone else. Every child is unique and thus their personal goals should have a touch of their personality.

Kids may have an uncanny resemblance to their parents but they may individually have a very different personality. What is important is not to try to adapt to their personality as that can't be changed but to keep them of good character as that is what upbringing is all about.

It is a touchy subject but one of the personal goals has to do with money, the sooner they learn about it the better. Kids need to learn the value of a dollar and how to stretch it. If they begin to realize that they have to sweat for it, they won't take it for granted or have an unhealthy relationship with consumption. If they have a savings plan or even a kid bank account, they will begin to feel responsible and even set long term goals.

Kids have untamed energy and should be at play daily to better their sleep patterns and general growth and development. This also has a social side to it that helps them to learn how to interact earlier on. The power of emotional intelligence is a precedent to success in life. Kids should not be cooped up with indoor games all day long as this may even turn them into slackers. If they seem to be naturally shy, give them a nudge but don't push them too hard.

Taking kids out to weekly or bi-weekly events will show them the profitable side of being involved in the society and may even hone leadership skills. When they find confidence, it will bring out their personality and you will be able to see how to help them better. Basically, a confident child will tell you what they need and prefer so you won't have to keep making assumptions.

All play and no work is the wrong way to show a child. Kids don't really work apart from chores that are at their level but what is similar to an adult's routine, is their studies. They should be taught not to be grumpy and take on education and one of the biggest personal goals for kids. They should clearly understand that all doors will open up for them if they have good grades and they stand to gain the most. Thus career goals should be worked out continuously until they form a picture of what they want to become. The value of learning remains indispensable even though they may already show other budding talents. All in all, personal goals should be balanced both socially and intellectually.

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