Factors Affecting Development of Children - What to Know

Raising children is no easy feat, ask any parent. Children require a lot of attention and responsibility from the parents is non-negotiable. A parent should ensure that the child grows up healthy. To do so, one must ensure that the children grow up well physically, mentally and emotionally. There are many different factors that affect the growth and development of children. Parents should pay attention to these factors and ensure that their children are not lacking as this may affect their future. A child with a weak foundation may later exhibit undesirable behavior in the society. This may lead to shattered dreams and unfulfilled desires which could result in self destructive behavior. Some of the factors affecting development of children are:

The diet
You should give your child a healthy diet if you want them to develop well. The kind of food they eat affects their growth both physically and psychologically. A good and healthy diet will ensure your child grows as they should with all the required nutrients. Lack of these nutrients can lead to deficiency diseases. Other diseases that are so popular and stem from poor eating habits include anorexia, obesity, bulimia and others. The disadvantage with these diseases is they do not just affect the child's physical health but their psychological health as well. Children with such disorders tend to suffer from a low self esteem, ADHD and other diseases. This affects the children's development because they never feel good enough to be with other kids their age. They may feel less attractive and lose confidence which is essential in building healthy and lasting relationships.

The environment
Children need to grow up in a healthy environment full of love and support. When children feel that they belong, they learn to interact easily with others and make friends easily. A child from a stable home full of love will reflect the same stability in their lives. They will also be able to form lasting relationships with other people. If a child feels loved at home, they will feel secure to interact and love others as well. A child who does not feel loved may be very insecure and may never feel worthy of being loved. Unfortunately, they may subconsciously seek love in all the wrong places to fill the voids in their lives. This is why it is important that a child grows up in a stable family with both parents. If the parents are divorced, they should be aware that the family unit is one of the factors affecting development of children and therefore, the active involvement of both parents in the child's growth is required. Parents should put selfish interests aside to ensure that the needs of the child are taken seriously

Social growth
The behavior of a child is determined when they are interacting with others. Children should be encouraged to interact socially from an early age. They should speak their minds, engage in healthy arguments, team up with others and play together. This will help build their confidence from an early age. Shy children especially should be encouraged to interact with their peers. As they grow up, kids with a good social life can take advantage of opportunities without being afraid, they will also be able to voice their concerns and contribute ideas without feeling inferior to anyone else.

As a child grows, education takes the centre stage in their life. It is one of the biggest factors affecting development of children. What children are taught, they will apply to their lives. Ensure that your child gets a good education and through loving guidance and gentle discipline by parents, teachers and caregivers, you can raise a beautiful all-rounded kid.

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