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An average phone user sends or receives at least one text message in a day. That is the lowest statistic considering that there are people who are always on the phone. Mobile text marketing therefore targets such users by sending those texts on new products and services. This is a departure from the normal trend where you are used to seeing ads on TV, newspapers and magazines. Such campaigns derive their success from one simple thing; people always have their phones on them or at a place near where they are seated. The likelihood of spotting a message when it comes through is so high.

If you want to run a successful mobile text marketing campaign, you should outsource the service. The method of opting in works is most preferred by marketers. What happens is that a group of users are called and asked whether they would be interested in joining the campaign. Marketers will often disclose the name of the company doing the campaign and what service or product is involved. In return, users get freebies such as talk time, ringtones, games and images. Besides, they ask you several questions on what you like or dislike. This helps the marketer in knowing what information to send.

When advertising through mobile text marketing, companies have wide options. Apart from short messages, they can use links, banners, ads posted on mobile games, videos or apps. Some phones are not designed to browse the web or run some of these applications. However, every mobile phone ever manufactured can receive a text message. So, with text messaging you can reach a wide audience irrespective of their spending power. It is also cheaper than posting ads on websites and other online platforms in the hope that people who frequent such areas will see and act on them.

In this method of marketing, advertisers avoid spamming. They do this be ensuring that only those people who opted in to the campaign will receive the message. If somebody sends a request to be removed from the messaging list, such requests should be quickly obliged. The ads you will receive match your interests; those questions you answered at the beginning act as a guide. On the other hand, marketers use the guidelines provided by authoritative associations whose task is to regulate such campaigns. Therefore, you should not worry about getting messages you did not sanction for or having them repeatedly.

Below are other benefits of mobile phone texting:

Communication on a personal basis
When you send a message to a prospect's phone, you connect with him/her directly.

Focus on a target audience
Advertising through radio, television and print media targets anyone. This includes even people who are not interested. With mobile texting, you are able to narrow down to a specific group of people especially those whom you know will buy from you.

Surety of reaching your prospect
As you are already aware, people always have their cell phones. When on the move, the phone is in the pocket or handbag. At home, or in the office, the gadget is placed somewhere near. When you relay that message, you are certain that the intended recipient did receive it.

Possibility of your messages going viral
The moment you send messages and your clients like them, they will forward the same to friends, colleagues and family members. The recipients will duplicate the habit. Before you know it, thousands of cell phone users have already been alerted.

Clearly, you can see that there is a high likelihood of maximizing returns and making the best out of your investment. There is need for you to manage the process in a way that you can monitor progress.

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