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Mobile marketing campaigns will continue to run for as long as people have mobile phones. Much as computers and Internet have gained inroads in many places globally, cell phone usage still remains phenomenal. Try to imagine how your life would be like when you forget to carry your phone on your way to work. Worse still, if it gets stolen everything comes to a standstill. At some point, it is expected that every mobile phone user will have more than one gadget. Smartphones, which are essentially mobile phones that can browse the Internet at top speed among other uses, have made inroads in recent times

However, not everyone uses a smartphone. All the same, below is a look at some examples of mobile marketing campaigns that have been successful in the past. They still rank among the top.

Subscription based
This is where users sign up in order to receive messages, newsletters or mail. You can use SMS service which is quite cheap especially when you are sending messages in bulk. Businesses that have used this method successfully in the past include hair salons, nightclubs and sellers of beauty products. MMS is another option you can use. Mobile applications are another example of subscription based advertising. These are targeted at the masses that use smartphones.

Location based
This type of mobile marketing campaigns reach people when they are both online and offline. Take an example of social networks like Facebook. When your business opens a page in any of the top social networks, smartphone users can be enticed to visit and like your page. If they like what they see, they are likely to spread the message across to the people on their networks. As people take their phones wherever they go, chances of a prospect visiting your page are so real. Once you leave an active link, a visitor will be directed to your website where he/she can get more information.

Internet ads
These are the ads that appear on every site you visit online. Since these are made exclusively for people who use the Internet, you can make yours in such a way that they are visible over a mobile phone.

There are many other examples of marketing techniques you can use. Before picking on a method, decide on who you want to reach. In other words, have a target audience. Know their spending habits, what they like searching for on their phones and so on. This is known as market research. It is also wise to have some information on the type of phones they would most likely be using. For the younger generation, smartphones are the in thing. People who are at an advanced age may only be concerned about having a phone that they can communicate with. It may not necessarily have Internet browsing capabilities.

With such information, you will be in a better position to generate advertising messages that befit your prospects. You can use text messages for all categories or place more emphasis on those who cannot browse the net with their phones. As for the boomers (young people), you will get more attention if you use Internet based advertising. Each group of prospects has its unique characteristics. Once you capitalize on this, you will always be running successful mobile phone marketing campaigns. As a rule of thumb, don't be fixated by one kind of marketing. Try several in order to reach a wide audience. Differentiate your markets and apply the most befitting technique to each market group. Finally, use messages that are short and to the point. Always make sure that the people you are messaging have sanctioned for it.

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