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The potential success in mobile phone marketing can be derived from the numbers showing how many people own cell phones and the way they use them. Estimates show that more than 90 percent of Americans do own a mobile phone. Out of this percentage, a similar proportion have been found to have their phone with them or keeping it at a distance of 3-4 feet. Across the world, there are more than 5 billion cell phones that are in active use. This is just a demonstration of what awaits entrepreneurs who would like to use this media as a marketing platform.

When you look at today's generation, people are hungry for information. They also want to access it using gadgets that are right there in their hands or pockets. That is why mobile phone manufacturers continue to release more handheld gadgets that can connect to the Internet fast enough. The need to go to a cyber cafe, browse the Internet from the office or at home is slowly being pushed to the periphery. You can get all the information you need from your phone wherever you are. Thus, mobile phone marketing proves to be a highly effective way of telling the masses about new products and services.

In order to ensure that mobile phone users get the message, you have to convert or come up with another version of your main website. This should be one that fits into a phone's screen or memory space. The way your site appears on a desktop should be the same way it appears on a mobile device. If you are using SMS messages to lure prospects into visiting your site, remember that the space available is limited. Therefore, use compelling messages that are short and to the point. When visitors come to your site, offer them incentives such as free eBooks or discounts.

Before you apply any mobile phone marketing strategy, carry out research on the people you are targeting. Find out how many are of the age set you wish to address. Get to know their tastes and preferences. Understand their Internet browsing and cell phone usage habits. With this information, you can be sure that the information you release will reach the right audience. Research makes you certain that the product or service you are pitching for has an appeal to the people you are communicating with. For instance, people who are aged 60 years and above may not be interested in phone apps. Conversely, this will pique the interest of youngsters aged between 16 to 30 years.

Focus on selling your brand to mobile phone users. Make your awareness campaigns in such a way that people using smartphones and devices with different screen sizes get to see the same thing. Your images, font, colors and logo should be consistent across the board. The targeted user should be able to familiarize and identify with your brand irrespective of the device used. Use the same wording as you have on the main website.

Another strategy that works is the one geared at enticing users. Take for instance offers for pizza at a discount. If you were to send details of where people aged 18-35 can get a pizza on Friday or Saturday nights, you will have hit the target. Most of these young people are either staying out late or dancing the night away on these two days.  They would most likely be interested in grabbing a bite after a night at the club and on their way home. The idea here is to give your prospects something they need and at the right time.

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