Locksmith Always There When You Need One

It didnt start out as an adventure where a locksmith would be needed.   The evenings been amazing, and the man and woman are headed back to their car; what a great first (or seventh, or twentieth) date!

No, theyre not about to get mugged or murdered (that would be another article entirely), but they are about to experience something that is equally unnerving, a lockout. Theyre locked out of the car. 

There are jokes galore about the situationthe guy who was so dumb he locked his keys in his car, and had to break the window to get his family outbut when it happens, its no joking matter.   The situation is a dangerous one, as wellits 2 a.m., any nearby locksmith shop is already locked up (and quite well, one would assume), and its plain nerve-racking to have to walk home from any downtown area, no matter how great the police protection.  However, people in that situation have an outmost quality locksmiths, especially the more established ones, have 24 hour emergency service.

Its true that a locksmith used to be a 9-to-5, Mom and Pop business; the only business they got was to refit keys, re-key a home or two that experienced a recent robbery and feature a line of security systems, some of which they even got to install now and then for the more prestigious businesses.  But with modern society, and the angst that comes with increased crime and violence, everyone has a security system now.  Virtually every home owner in America has re-keyed his house at one time or another, just to keep his secure atmosphere maintained, and all businesses have security and bodyguard systems on standby and on call 24/7.  So it is with the locksmith shop, which has grown with the times and with the lockout phenomena that so many are experiencing.
The newer car keying systems are all designed for heightened security, but, as one professional car thief (retired) points out, most new automobiles have at least four new ways one can break in, beyond those they had before; in addition, the number of lockouts has increased exponentiallymore cars, more chances for locked-in keys and locked-out drivers. Hence one sees the need for a 24-hour lock service, which, along with the police and the 911 phone, enjoys incredibly frequent business encounters these days.

Most locksmiths now hire individuals who work late-night shifts for the sole purpose of keying open or picking a lock on a home or car that has betrayed its owner; the late night/early morning business of these individuals is sizable.  After all, a lock-picking emergency is only an emergency because it happens after hours.
So once that near-ruinous moment is past, and one can drive safely again (and the prices for opening the car or house should be reasonableno more than $50 to $100 tops for a visit where they come to the driver or homeowner), one might consider what else locksmiths do.

Besides keying and re-keying and providing instant access, they also provide business and residential alarm systems, sound-sensitive alarms (part of a system that alerts authorities in the event of unaccounted-for noises in ones home or business after hours) and such timely items for storage as wall safes and floor model safes.
Incidentally, all of these are usually offered at substantial discounts to businesses, to keep the CEO happy and the business documents, grounds and employees safe and secure at all times.  That way, employees and CEOs and homeowners can get back to their lives, enjoying things like great evenings out.   And they feel a whole lot safer, because they have the security of a 24/7 locksmith on call.

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