Live in Paris Where to Go and What to See

Paris, the capital of France, is one of the most visited cities in the world. If you live in Paris or you plan to relocate into the city, it is important that you know where to go and what to see as this will make your life here a lot more fun. Paris is synonymous with the Eiffel Tower (Tour Eiffel) and this should be on top of your list when searching for a place to visit. The Eiffel Tower was built for the 1889 World Exhibition by Gustave Eiffel. The tower was to be pulled down shortly after the World Exhibition, but despite this fact and the fact that Paris writers and artists strongly disapproved, later generations came to fall in love with it. Not only does the tower have impressive figures (such as the fact that it weighs 7000 tons), but you also get some of the best views of Paris from here.

Yet another place that you should visit is La Conciergerie along the Seine on Ile de la Cite. This originally formed part of the Royal Palace and it was a prison at some point in the fourteenth century. Some of the most famous prisoners who were housed here were Marie-Antoinette, Danton, and Robespierre. Visit Salle des Gens d Armes and Marie Antoinette's cell while at La Conciergerie.

No visit to Paris is complete without a visit to Musee Orsay. The museum first opened its doors in 1986. It is devoted to the period between 1848 and 1914. Some of the greatest attractions here are Impressionists by the likes of Monet, Renoir, Manet, Pissarro, and Sisley. It also includes post-Impressionist works by the likes of Cezanne, Vincent Van Gogh, and Degas.

Another of the great attractions in Paris is Musee du Louvre. This is the largest museum in the world and it has the greatest art collection. The museum was originally a fortress that was built by Philippe-Auguste back in the thirteenth century. It opened its doors in 1793. The museum includes a glass pyramid designed in 1989 by I. M. Pei. 

If you live in Paris or you plan to relocate here, make sure you visit Sacre-Coeur. There is a lot of history behind the basilica. It was put up by the French in 1870 following defeat by the Prusians to symbolize return to strength and end of misfortune.

Yet another attraction you should consider visiting is Sainte-Chapelle. This is a Middle Ages church that people originally saw as "the gateway to heaven". It is one of the most beautiful churches in the world. It was built by Louis IX back in 1248. The church has two floors, the upper one that was meant for important members of the king's court, and the lower one for lower members and servants. The upper room includes fifteen stained glass windows that bring in striking light and the lower room features flying buttresses. </P> <P>Yet another attraction worth visiting is Arc de Triomphe on the western side of Champs-Elysees. This is the world&#39;s largest triumphal arch at 164 meters high. It was commissioned by Napoleon back in 1806.

If you love Picasso&#39;s work, consider visiting Musee Picasso. The museum has the largest Picasso collection in the world. The works were obtained by the government as inheritance tax by Picasso's heirs.

Jardin du Luxembourg is a large public space that is characterized by fountains and gardens. Consider visiting Musee d&#39;Art Moderne if you are into modern art. It has art by the likes of Henri Matisse. Other attractions worth visiting if you live in Paris include Hotel de Ville, Notre Dame de Paris, Musee Rodin, Atelier Brancusi, Pere Lachaise Cemetery, Galeries Lafayette, and Pedro Guridi.

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