Interior Painters How To Find The Best Interior House Painter

Finding the best interior house painter is comparably easy, the same as finding a contractor for a new addition or an exterior house paint job.  The primary resource is referrals.</P> <P>Referrals are those invaluable tools that all professionals prize the recommendations from customers saying that these particular interior house painters give excellent coverage, inside and out.

Besides referrals, one can also find trustworthy professionals in house painting through a number of businesses that deal with painters almost exclusively:  Benjamin Moore paints, for example, has a website known as the LINK Painting Contractor Network, which allows residents to find good and reliable interior house painters, free of charge. 

A House painter is also easy to weed out by the use of several simple criteria, since there is a fairly standard set of preliminaries that determine whether the professional selected is the best interior house painter for the job.

These considerations include:  how long has the professional been in business (and how well established over the years) and does he have the proper licensure (a true professional would have the necessary certificates for the job)?

The preliminary considerations include as well the professionals insurance and bonding (which not only points to the professionals reliability but also their liability coverage and limits in case of injury on the job).  The house painter should also be a member of a national painting contractors association; the best are found in the PDCA, the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America central union.

One should engage only professionals who do their own work rather than sub-contract it out, for obvious reasons.   The homeowner has an individual to hold responsible in case of mistakes, breakage or accidents if the contractor works his own team, and a professional who bases his work on his own performance usually tries his best. 

The best interior house painter will also have the follow characteristics, once his business preliminaries prove satisfactory:  he will be both courteous and very busy (good workers always are), as well as have a good sense of professionalism and experience, know the answers to home owners question, return calls and provide timely estimates, and be on time for appointed work periods.

This is the best time to seek referrals, and if one is investigating a particular professional to see if he is right for the job, its a good idea to obtain at least three referrals, and inspect a portfolio of the contractors work (he will happily supply one, if he's proud of what he does).

Using this procedure and these preliminary considerations, a home owner should select at least three or more potential candidates and, if possible, visit their sites its particularly helpful if they are local and advertise previous work, as one can investigate to see if it has held up well.

Once the potential painters have been visited, one should obtain estimates from all three, which should fall broadly within the same price range; its important to remember that a larger estimate doesn't necessarily mean a better job, and one should always beware a contractor whose estimate is too low they most likely make up the difference by cutting corners and skimping on quality. 

Finally, the candidate should take a walking tour of the house, be given specific needs for the interior painting project, know surfaces to be painted and preferred colors, and finally settle on a contract.

The contract is also important it should stipulate specific areas for painting, prep details, methods of protecting furniture, time of the project and the bottom line cost. If all that is settled satisfactorily, the home owner has found the best interior house painter!

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