Are You Painting The House Correctly

Ah, painting! The joy of sliding the paint-dipped brush on slithery walls is unique! A bright coat of paint is the one sure-shot thing that can really spruce up your house. Now, before you handle the paint-brush, lets ask you a few questions.

  • Do you have ample time to devote to painting your house? (You can think of painting during vacation or weekends, maybe).
  • Are you fit enough to carry out this heavy physical task?
  • Are you comfortable with heights? (This is important for painting the upper edge of walls and ceilings).
  • Are you game enough to handle the tedious part of this task such as preparing the surface, scraping off old paint, and others? And finally,
  • Do you have the money and equipment (ladders, brushes, scrapers, sandpapers, rollers, and safety tools) for painting? 

If you answer yes to ALL the questions above, congrats, you're ready to take up the painting job for your house!

Firstly, you need to determine how much paint will be required for the house. For that, determine how much square feet area you intend to paint. A 10x10 wall is equivalent to 100 square feet. One gallon can of paint generally covers about 200 square feet area. To know the number of gallons of paint required, simply divide the total square feet area that you wish to paint by 200.

A gallon of high-class latex paint costs around $20 and can last for a decade.

Next is the choice of colors. Wouldn't you like your house to reflect your own style? For bedrooms, you may choose cool colors such as blue or romantic pink. For the living room, or kids study room, or maybe your home office, you may choose yellow or shades of orange that reflect energy. You can even go the unconventional way by choosing shades of purple, red, and green. How about painting one side of the wall a bright blue and other adjacent side a lighter shade? A multi-colored look can make your house look very interesting.

Make sure to remove the old scrapes of paint for getting the best effect. For a fresh coat of paint on an already existing one, match the colors perfectly to avoid a messy look on walls. Simply painting the house doesnt perk it up. You need to paint it CORRECTLY to make a difference.

Get going!

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