How to Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes

Dark circles below your eyes may tend to age your looks more than grey hair or wrinkles. Nonetheless, you can minimize these dark circles and even do away with them completely. Here are different ways on how to remove dark circles under eyes. Get a lot of sleep nightly. It is still not clear why insufficient sleep results to dark circles around the eyes though inadequate sleep can cause your skin to be paler, which increases the dark look under the eyes, and reduces blood circulation. Before going to bed, you should also do away with any make up. If you fail to do this, when you age, your eyes will keep looking much tired every day.

Therefore, you should sleep for about 7 to 9 hours each night for a few weeks and try to see the outcome. Alcohol and other drugs may adversely affect the quality of your sleep. You can abstain from them or use them moderately for a better outcome. You should obtain enough vitamins that aid in sleep.

Treat any allergies. Often, allergies cause skin coloration under the eyes. If allergy is the root of the matter, remove the allergen or treat the allergy. Seasonal allergies like the hay fever can actually be treated using both prescription and over-the-counter medications.

For the allergies, the best option is normally avoidance. If your puffiness or dark circles are constant, you could have an unnoticed food allergy. Consult the dermatologist to help you figure out what you could be allergic to. Allergic people may also have low folic acid, vitamin B6 and B12 hence, taking the multivitamin can assist.

Gluten intolerance is the other common allergy that results to dark circles. Anyone with gluten intolerance will be allergic to wheat floor. The severe part is you could be having celiac disease. The best way to test for this ailment is to let your doctor perform blood tests. However, you can still be gluten intolerant and lack the celiac disease.

n learning how to remove dark circles under eyes, you should eat well. You should eat a balanced and healthy diet and drink sufficient water. Most of the cosmetic problems are linked to vitamin deficiencies. Usually, puffiness or dark circles under the eyes emanate from inadequate antioxidants and vitamin K deficiency. Moreover, insufficient vitamin B12 can lead to dark circles.

Therefore, you should eat a lot of fruits and green veggies including spinach, cabbage, and many others. If necessary, go for a healthy supplement. You should also find enough fluids to boost circulation. Apart from this, you should reduce the intake of salt. Excessive salt causes your body to retain lots of water in unusual areas, which may lead to puffiness below the eyes. Excess salt may also tamper with circulation and cause the blood vessels beneath your skin to look bluer.

In learning how to remove dark circles under eyes, you need to examine your smoking behavior and decide to leave it. Smoking leads to vascular problems that will not only jeopardize your life, but also cause your vessels to look bluer and prominent.

You should also relax regularly. Relaxation helps to remove the sources of anxiety and stress that often hinder you from eating, resting, or sleeping properly. Most importantly, relaxing will cause the skin around your eyes to improve and you will end up feeling at ease and less stressed. The skin reflects both physical and emotional ailments, thus, do not dismiss your need to relax.

Use the cucumber slices. For a long time, cucumber slices have been used in the reduction of puffiness as well as in refreshing the eye skin appearance. You can place a slice on each eye and extend it to the dark region. You should do this every day with your eyes closed combined with lying down for 10 to 16 minutes

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