How to Find the Best Dermatologist

A dermatologist is a doctor who specializes in problems with the skin, hair and nails. (S)he might belong to the American Academy of Dermatology, which is an association that promotes the best care through education and research and advocacy.   This doctor finishes a medical degree and has had an internship for training in dermatology.  While dermatologist acne treatment is a common reason to see this doctor, that is not the only skin problem that (s)he can address. Rashes and other skin conditions like rosacea can be treated in the doctors office.

A dermatologist can do surgery as well as prescribing creams and antibiotics.  (S)he can treat acne with a dermatologist acne treatment for stronger creams and medications than are available over the counter.  Psoriasis and other common skin problems that might be of concern to you can also be evaluated by this doctor.  Moles, birth marks and freckles that seem to change over time should be checked out.  Skin cancer is a big concern for some sun-worshippers who have developed skin legions as they have aged.  Having a skilled doctor make the decision about the changing skin legions or moles might be the best choice because if it is skin cancer in its early forms, then it can be addressed with less invasive procedures and treatment.  It may also be more contained, if it is caught early.  The best bet is to err on the side of caution when it comes to any questionable skin legions or changing moles because it is better to have it be nothing than to wait until it is something serious to treat.

A doctor of dermatology is a specialist in her field and can command two hundred thousand dollars at the beginning of her practice.  A dermatologist salary can go up as her reputation increases.   Some can specialize in specific types of skin ailments, but most will work with the range of issues that are presented.  The doctor of dermatology must keep taking classes because they must retest for their license every ten years.  That is a good thing for a patient because the doctor is always up-to-date on her knowledge base and the latest advances in treatments and surgeries.

Getting an appointment with a popular doctor is a challenge, but most people think that this person must be worth the wait.  Its a good thing that most of us have health insurance because a dermatologist salary can reach five hundred thousand dollars per year and that is quite an expensive office appointment to pay for out of pocket.

Dermatologist visits can be needed if you have a chronic skin rash, a sudden unexplained rash or acne that is so much of a problem that it interferes in your life.  Psoriasis and other rashes can be treated and if surgery for skin cancer is needed, then this type of doctor can perform it, as well.  While many people think about getting skin creams for acne or for skin cancer, the truth is there are quite a few conditions that affect the skin, hair and even nails that a specialist in dermatology can address.  Getting a referral from your primary care physician may speed up your appointment process with a popular one, but usually you can find a list of doctors online and the ratings might help you decide if you wish to see that person.  If you have a question about what a specialist might be seen for, then call or visit your primary care doctor, of course if you break out in hives from the nerves, that might get you an appointment faster

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