How to Fix a Faucet Drip

All homeowners can learn how to fix a faucet drip.  A dripping faucet is an indication that something inside the faucet has worn out and needs to be replaced.  What that part is depends on where the drip is coming from and how the faucet is designed.  There are four types of faucets ball, cartridge, compression, and disc.  These faucets differ in their internal designs.  Before you can start to fix your faucet, you need to know what kind of faucet you have.  Compression faucets have separate controls for hot and cold water.  Faucets with single handles can be a ball, a cartridge, or a disc design.  The best way to tell what kind of faucet you have is to take it apart.  Most faucet drips are caused by a failed washer, O-ring, or seal.  These parts are easy to find in any local or national hardware store in the plumbing section.

The most likely faucets to drip are compression faucets.  To fix a faucet leak in a compression faucet, you are usually going to have to replace the washers or seals.  As faucets are turned on and off, the pressure applied to the washers and seals eventually causes them to wear out.  Worn out seals cause constant leaks that can waste a large amount of water and spike you utility bill.

Disc, cartridge, and ball faucets usually do not have washers, and are less likely to leak from the spout.  These faucets tend to leak from the base instead, where an O-ring seal is likely to eventually wear out.  In all of these cases, you fix a faucet drip by removing and replacing the washers, seals, and O-rings is really quite easy and can be done with a screwdriver.  Remember to shut the water off to the faucet.  The shut off valve should be located under the sink.  If you don't do this first, you can end up with water spraying all over your bathroom or kitchen.

Faucet handles can be a source of leaks, or might simple come loose or break off.  This is usually caused by wear and tear.  If you notice a small leak, don't try to fix it by torquing down on the handle.  This will just make the leak worse by causing further damage to the seal.  It can also cause the handle itself to break.  Instead, learn how to fix a faucet handle by either asking your home improvement store for advice or finding one of several on line instructional videos on the subject.

With a leaking faucet handle, the culprit is usually the valve assembly underneath the handle.  The valve assembly allows the water to flow from the pipe to the faucet when the handle is in the on position.  If your faucet has two handles, each will have its own valve assembly.  The seal to start and stop the flow of water is created by a packing washer and a stem washer.  If you find yourself continuously replacing these washers because of leaks, then your faucet is probable old and needs to be replaced.

It is easy to fix a faucet drip. This is one of several plumbing repairs that homeowners should learn how to do.  Plumbers charge a lot of money for these simple repairs.  The parts are very cheap, and you probably already have the tools you need.  If not, they are readily available wherever you go to buy the parts.  Learning basic plumbing repair techniques is an important way for homeowners can save money.  Plumbing issues often need to be addressed immediately.  If they happen during off hours, you will have to pay a plumber overtime, and that can get very expensive

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