Hiring a Plumber for Home Renovation Projects

Hiring a Plumber for Home Renovation Projects? Do you want a complete overhaul of your bathroom or kitchen? Then a plumber is who you need. But how do you choose a good plumber? Well, there are a few pointers you could keep in mind if you are on the lookout for a plumber.

Finding a plumber
Ask around for names of plumbers in your area. Talk to people who have had recent renovations done to their homes. Get the number of the plumber they used. Visit online professional directories, such as www.SmartGuy.com. You don't want someone who fixes small emergencies around the house. You need a plumber who is prepared to do some heavy duty renovation of a bathroom or kitchen.

Have a plan
As with all renovations, you have to decide what exactly you want renovated or remodeled. You should have a clear idea of how you want the place to look after all the work is done.

Get an estimate
Once you do get in touch with a plumber, you could describe the work required and ask for an estimate.

Ask him how long he's been in business. Always ask for references. And follow through on calling the numbers provided. Ask the people if they were satisfied with the particular plumber's work, whether he completed the work on time and within your budget, etc.
Insurance documents
Make sure you get a copy of their certificate of insurance before the work begins and payments are made. A plumber should have both liability insurance and workman's compensation.In many states, plumbers have to be licensed or state certified. Once you do get in touch with a plumber, you can call to find out if his license is current and also check to see if there are any complaints against him.

Put everything in writing
While making a contract, specify everything in detail. The work that is to be done, the cost of the entire project, the materials that are needed, the payment routine and, most importantly, when the work will be completed. Ask the plumber if he gives a service guarantee.

Before the renovation work begins, you would probably have to get the permit. You would also probably have to buy the fixtures yourself. Things which need precise measurements, like pipes, will be provided by the plumber.

Make sure to buy good quality materials, preferably from well known names. It might cost more, but the quality will be guaranteed and it will also be easier to replace, if the need arises.

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