How to Find the Best Car Transport Service

Are you moving to another state?  Car transport could be a great choice to ship your car or boat to your new home.  Vacationing for an extended period of time in a place where you'll need a car to get around?  Car transport services might be the solution.  In most cases the service will pick up the car and then a few days or a week later, deliver it to your new house or vacation spot.

Car transport services can be very convenient and safe for your vehicles, but making certain that you are contracting with a reputable and reliable company is important.  When choosing a car transport company you should find out about what types of transport are offered.  An open trailer transport may be the most affordable option. This is fine for most vehicles, but with a vintage car, a boat or motorcycle to move, then this method may not be your best choice.  Road salt, grime and weather will be a part of your cars journey, so a vintage or collectors car should be housed in an enclosed trailer to make sure that nothing happens en route.  This method can cost more, but you should check the car transport rates to see what fits your budget and is the best for your vehicle.

When looking for the best service, ask about the deposit policy.  If there is a nonrefundable deposit, that is a big portion of the whole cost, you may want to be wary of the service.  Many places will ask for a deposit, but it is refundable.  If you are feeling pressured to book with that service because they have a rate sale for just the next twenty-four hours, you may want to rethink the deal that you are making. 

What guarantees are there for pick up and arrival?  Is there a specific date that you need the vehicle to arrive or can it be within a window of a day or two?  If the company seems willing to say yes to anything, as long as you pay them the nonrefundable deposit, then you may want to keep looking.  A reputable service should be candid about there delivery schedule.  If they only go coast to coast within a week, then having your car there in three days may not be a possibility.  Ask if the service provides an express transport option and inquire as to how much more money that might cost.

If you have heavy equipment, some transport services can accommodate heavy or oversized vehicle.  The rates may be different from the car transport rates, but they may be able to provide transport.  Not all companies have this option, so it is important to inquire and get a quote for price.

Car transport can be a great way to ship a vehicle longer distance with less wear and tear on it and considerably less hassle for you.  Transport companies can move your vehicle in different types of trailers.  Open trailers may be the cost efficient method, but road grime and dirt may also make the journey on your car.  If you have a collectors car, then an enclosed transport makes more sense.  If you have a boat, then a specialty trailer might be needed to accommodate a tall mast or wide hull.  Always ask about the rates and deposit practices before you give out your credit card number.  Also, be clear on the delivery schedule so that you know when your vehicle will arrive. Once you locate the best transport service, then you can hop on that flight and head to your destination worry-free.